Thursday, November 6, 2014

We Are Those People Now....

Ya'll we homeschool now.  And we kind of are in love with it.

There are sooo many details I want to write and remember about why we made this decision, what we have learned works for us, what doesn't work for us, my insecurities and the moments I am so confident in, my children's feelings about it all, what our days look like most of the time...etc, etc, etc... And obviously that would make for a very long, probably emotionally heavy post and I need to go get my kids started on their work for the day so while I find time to write all this, I will leave you with this class clown :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Camped and I Blogged About It

When I fall behind on scrapbooking/blogging/family albums, etc, I suck at jumping back in because I want to catch up on SO much.  Then I am overwhelmed so I just don't. Blah.  I am just starting from now.  If I decide to catch up on past events, well, bonus points I guess.

A few weeks ago, we learned something about our little family that I think we knew but had never really processed.  We love to camp.  Now, ok, to be fair we knew this.  We just didn't realize how much our family needs to do this.  Getting away, with no agenda, and spending most of our time outdoors, riding bikes, scooters, roasting hot dogs, being silly...we needed this.

For weeks, the attitude in our home (Rusty and I especially) was off.  We were snippier than normal, tired, cranky.  Being very honest, it was taking its toll.  We planned a camping trip knowing we needed to just get away.  Our last camping trip was in August, and our last trip as just a family had been a year and a half ago.

Ya'll it was a cure all for us.  Not even exaggerating here.  Completely reset the temperature in our home.

And as is probably apparent, I wanted to take more photos with the big camera than I have been lately and wanted as little as possible of them to be posed for.   Pictures that serve to remind me we need this.