Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Children Are Fish

We spent Sunday afternoon celebrating Jackson Collin's baptism at his grandparent's pool.  Classic country and rock playing on the radio, grilled burgers and hot dogs, and great friends.  A PERFECT Sunday afternoon!

And, as to be expected....our three child was born with gills also!  People are always telling us that most kids may do great in the pool one summer but the next summer they start all over.  NOT MINE!  They've always hit the pool each summer as if they hadn't been out for 6 months.  Picking up right where they left off!    Rylee learned to swim the May she turned 3 (Jadyn was almost 5), so naturally we put pressure on Colton to not be out done by big sis :)   I don't think he will!

And just because she is cute....

Emma Collins is a fish too!

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 17

This weeks photo memory is actually a video.

This is how Rylee chose to tattle on Jadyn last night.  (The iPod is supposed to be playing music on a docking station)

Rylee tattling on Jadyn from Burress' on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Baby is 3

You never really know what people mean by how fast they grow until you are watching your last baby grow.  Colton has grown at super speed.

My boy, your the sweetest, funniest, mild tempered little one I have ever known.  We have skipped over your terrible two's completely.  While I know 3's are worse for some, I would be very surprised if this happens with you.  Other than your oldest sister (whom you are yelling at this very second), very little ruffles your feathers. 

You are still a great sleeper.  11-12 hours every night.  No fight at bedtime.  Naps still don't happen often, but nap or not, I tuck you into your bed, and you will play for 2 hours every afternoon in your room without ever opening your door.  When you are all done with quiet time, you simply knock on your door and call out, "Mommy, I wanna come out."

Potty trained with the exception of naptime and bedtime, and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Fisher Price Little People and Imaginext are your favorite toys and Omizoomi, Franklin, and Mike The Knight are your favorite cartoons.  

You know about 1/2 of your alphabet by letter recognition and sound (will work on the other half this next year!), and can count to 15 if you want to (not if we ask you to!).

Your not a big eater at all.  It isn't that your picky, you just don't eat much of anything!  You do, however, eat a mixed berry fruit bar EVERY SINGLE MORNING with a glass of milk.  Its your coffee.

You love water, and are very close to being an independent swimmer.  I have no doubt by the end of this summer.

Ignore my camera bag in the background by the bridge :(
You LOVE to talk.  Sometimes too much.  With having 2 older sisters, it is NEVER quiet around here.

You adore your dad and ask where he is every morning as soon as I open your door.  And, it cracks me up every morning!

I could go on and on all day with all the things I adore about you and never want to forget.  Your mom, dad, and big sisters love you like crazy and are so grateful that God choose us as your family.  Happy 3rd Birthday son!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The DIY Trifecta Is Complete

I mentioned last week that my hot, handy husband was at it again.  Building something for me :)  Or really for our son it was just at my request.  

Rusty built Colton's dresser...

and his bookcase all before he was born.

Now, some 3 years later Colton needed a play table.  Enter Ana-White!!!  This was our first time building one of her plans.  

Kid's Elementary Trestle Storage Play Table

We wanted this to be a very inexpensive project so we went with plywood and MDF.  

We did modify her plan just a bit by adding trim around the table top.  Here is the before the trim was added.  I forget to take one after the trim was added (before it was stained).  It isn't bad without trim, it just doesn't look as polished or substantial without it.

Total amount of time was probably 7 hours broke up over the course of 3 days.  We did have a bit of issue with our 1 stain job.  We aren't the greatest at staining yet, and our first attempt ended up covered in dust.  We applied the stain in the garage one night, and then we closed the garage door.  Apparently, closing the door kicked up a ton of dust on top of the table as it dried.  We had gone with a Mission Oak in a satin finish (same as Colton's furniture in his room already) and we also weren't happy with the sheen.  Saturday morning of his birthday party (when we wanted to give him the table), we stripped the stain off and reapplied  a gloss finish instead.  Ha!  We like the gloss even less than the original satin.  I intend to go back and redo it a 3rd time.  Just not right now.  We gave it to him as it was, and within 20 minutes, the kiddos had scratched it a bit anyway.  Made me realize it is for KIDS and perfection isn't necessary!

It is an adorable table and VERY functional.  Eventually I will add some bins in the cubbies at the bottom, but for now they act as a shelf for some odd and end toys.  A couple of close ups of the details.

One day we plan to add either a bench (of course DIY'd) or I would really prefer a couple of old schoolhouse chairs like this:

Young House Love

Until I find these, it works just great like this!

I am sharing over at Kristen's Creations and Fireflies and Jellybeans

Camper Colton is 3

It is that time again!  Birthday season in the Burress house!

We celebrated Colton's 3rd birthday with a birthday party in our backyard.  With what theme?  Well considering our favorite past time this year, we went with a camping theme.

37 of Colton's closest friends (well, counting their mom's, dad's and siblings) joined us to celebrate. I also started this year with really trying to stick close to an invitation list of those that Colton requested!  It is very exciting when your little one reaches an age where they REALLY have friends.

Camping must include a tent, bugs, and of course a fire with wienie roasting and s'mores!

We hid bugs and all the kids got "bug catchers" and had to collect them.
The kids all seemed to have a great time, and I loved getting to spend the evening with family and friends!  We feel so grateful and so blessed not only for our happy boy (lots more on him on his actual birthday on Wed), but also for such a large circle of loved ones to celebrate with every year.  Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 16

Have I mentioned yet that I love this man?  Have I mentioned yet that I love him just a tiny bit more when he has a tool in his hand?  And, that I love him a tiny bit more than that if that tool is building something for me (or in this case for our son at my request)?

Project pictures to come after its actually finished.

Thankful for a handy husband and Ana White!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

She Can See!!!

Jadyn had a big weekend....

She got glasses!!!  She has been squinting for awhile, and when I teased her that she was faking it just so she could get a new accessory, she would laugh at me.  Her laughing lead me to believe I was right for a little while.  Then, she began to have some headaches and we decided it was time to have it checked out.  Yep.  She is near sighted.

My girl is all about accessories and dressing up so this has been an easy transition for her so far.  With in minutes of having them on she commented on the grass.  Apparently, until now she has only seen a mass of green.  No actual blades!

I must admit, it bothered Rusty and I both that we were going to have to cover her GORGEOUS eyes, but we are grateful she can see and we still think she looks mighty cute!

Monday, April 16, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 15

This past Saturday, friends of ours celebrated their son's 10th birthday with their annual crawfish boil!  As always, we had a blast.  Actually, this is the first time all of us were well enough to go.  The 2 years prior to this one, I have had a sick kid each year (Jadyn the first year, Colton last year).  They had 2 huge blow up jump things, food, drinks, ice cream, tshirts for the kids, and lots and lots of friends!

 I do not eat crawfish, and actually kind of find it odd that everyone else does.  But the corn, potatoes, and sausage that is boiled with the crawfish, NOW THAT IS GOOD STUFF!!!

And, I just had to include a picture of Frank's birthday cake.  Look at this thing!  It was so creative!!!  Thanks Foster family and look forward to next year!