Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Time In Texas

Warm weather streak in January.

This is why I love it here.

Take note of what they are wearing today.  Its 80* degrees.  Colton actually asked if it was summer and winter at the same time.  I told him, "Yes, son, in Texas it is."

Monday, January 21, 2013

Alicia Renee, My Therapy, My DIY

God is teaching me to say yes this year.  I can already tell.  He is also teaching me to use the talents and desires he has given me this year.  I can already tell.

Within the very first few weeks of 2013, I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my DIY (whether with my sewing machine, my paintbrush, or my camera).  I have been ASKED to share.  For anyone who knows me for more than 5 minutes, they already know that I love creating.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  God created a perfect match for me when he led Rusty to me 14 years ago. I am married to a man who LOVES to build and design.  He understands and supports this deep need because he shares it too.

Something I hear constantly is when do I have time.  I make time.  I skip laundry.  I skip dishes.  My poor husband knows I skip cleaning the bathroom.  I make time.  I gave up scrapbooking for awhile after our first born was a few months old.  Anyone with a newborn understands why.  Time seemed nonexistent. When I came back to it a couple years later that is when I realized I am a better mom and a better wife when I have a creative outlet.  I need it.  I crave it.  Its my therapy.  For some its running. For some its reading.  Both of which I enjoy (I use enjoy loosely when it comes to running!).  But I most crave creating.  I feel accomplished and worthy.  I type those two words and realize how strong those descriptions are and it almost feels silly, but it is true.

I am stepping out this year to share my love of ALL THINGS DIY.  I have created a page on Facebook to start.  I am still not entirely sure of what this will look like as time goes on.  As I create something that I believe may be of interest to others, I will offer it in my store.  In the age of Pinterest so many people want what they pin, but I have realized recently so few have the time or resources to create it.  My chance to share!  I also am fairly good at admitting failure (I HATE it but I will admit it!)  So that may be how this plays out too.  Stay tuned.

I anxiously await looking back in 11 1/2 months as 2013 comes to a close to see what God has done for me.  If January is any indication, WOW!

Oh, let me just say I have the coolest, most supportive friends ever.  I wouldn't have the confidence to pursue this if it wasn't for Bobbie, Amanda and Mandy.  Oh and Emily too! Seriously, if this flops, you girls are RESPONSIBLE.  No pressure.  

My husband and mom are very supportive too, but I expect nothing less of them.  They don't count.

Want to keep up with my latest creations I have to offer?  Like me at!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Handmade Holiday

I am behind again.  Crazy busy weeks for the Burress home.  More on why another day....

This year, I had a strong desire to hand make something for my kids (and the house).  Truthfully, I ALWAYS have a strong desire to hand make something.  Christmas was just a great excuse :)

We will start with the front door.  One of our crafts for MOPS this year were the popular deco mesh wreaths.  I came home and personalized mine further.  In LOVE with how this turned out!

Ignore the peeling vinyl 3.  I will get right on that.
After DIYing the decorations, Santa and Mrs Claus got busy!  Rylee was getting her first America Girl Doll. I knew we were going to have a very happy 8 year old girl that morning and could not wait!  A doll means we must have doll clothes, right?  I knew right away that I needed to learn to make doll clothes for 2 reasons.
  1. The cost of AG clothing.  Wow. 
  2. My Rylee marches to the beat of her own drum.  Her style leans more towards skater than AG does :)

I think I nailed it!

And where would the doll sleep?  Enter Ana-White (again!).

Again NAILED IT (uh sorry Rusty NAILED IT)!  

For Colton I thought a teepee and a campfire would be fun!  This was a bit more work than I think I would do again (the teepee).  Now the campfire is worth it just because of how darn freaking cute it is!

Here is Santa working hard on Jadyn's tether ball pole.  This little DIY project is a perfect example of Rusty and I.  We could have bought this tether ball pole for a little more than the supplies cost us.  My dear husband, though, refuses to pay for something he can build himself.  I love that man.  Notice there isn't an after picture of this.  The weather has not cooperated for us for that.  This weekend it will all be up.  I will update this post then!

Not only did we have fun making it all, the kids LOVED it all!  

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Parade

Aunt Wendi and Uncle Aaron invited us to join them in watching a local parade they go to every year.  We decided to take the kids this year, and they really enjoyed it!

And what parade in Texas would be complete without a tractor/lawn mower?

I also caught one of the amazing, candid sister moments that I am in love with!

Not the perfect picture "technically" speaking, but to get into that position would have ruined the moment for sure!  I caught this without either one of them aware of me.  My heart swells.  And I will reflect back to this moment often when they are beating each other up and wishing they didn't have a sister :)

Christmas Karaoke

Family Christmas karaoke time.  Just another December Saturday night for the Burress family.

This would normally have seemed lame to me, but oh my word!  This entertained us, the girls and Noonie and Poppie for an hour.  I think any excuse for my daughters to perform is good with them!