Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Operation Clean My Craft Station

Oh boy.  That is embarrassing.  If this area had it's own room where I could close the door it wouldn't be such a big deal.  But it's in our family room.  They room we spend the most time in.  The room we relax in every evening.  It deserves better.   Here is the before.

Why does the during look worse than the before?!?!

This is the during.  The floor doesn't typically look like.  Desk and bookcase yes, floor no.
And now, after an entire day buried in scissors, ribbon, scrap fabric and stickers.

So much better.  Its actually functional again.  Wonder how long it will last...

Rock And Roll

We did it!  We finished our first Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio!

Way back HERE we committed to running our first half marathon, and here we are six months later, we've done it!

My finish time was 2:50:56 and Rusty's was 2:41:02.  Neither of us meet our personal goal, but we weren't so far off that we are devastated.  Maybe we will do this again to meet those times.  We shall see.

Rusty struggled with calf cramps after mile 9 which he hadn't had problems with before so that really messed up his time.  I feel so bad for him, he worked much harder in his training than I did and definitely deserved this!

A few things I have learned about myself and running over this experience.... 

  1. I hate hate hate miles 1-2 (and sometimes all the way to 3).  I have to battle past mile 3.  The idea ALWAYS occurs to me that if I were running a 5K I'd be done.
  2. I can do more than I believe about myself.  Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.  Eph 3:20
  3. Mile 6-9 are the "easiest" for me.  I finally hit my stride and feel good.
  4. I hate Gatorade.  Until I hit mile 6.  Suddenly that nasty drink becomes the best tasting thing on the planet.
  5. I have problems with posterior shin splints.  
  6. KT Tape is awesome.
  7. Running with friends (not side by side, but sharing the same goal- we all ran our own paces) is incredibly motivating.  Bobbie, Amanda, Estella, THANK YOU GIRLS!  I LOVE Y'ALL!
  8. Sharing the same goal as my husband is AMAZING!  I highly recommend it!  Probably my favorite part about this experience.
  9. I don't hate running as much as I thought.
  10. I was thrilled that I did not have to pee while running.  Nor anything else that involved a port-a-potty with no toilet paper.

I thought at one time, when I imagined writing this post, I would end it with "I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN".  Turns out I'm not.  I will end it "I MIGHT DO THIS AGAIN"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Learned At Awanas

No pictures here.  Just something funny said by a friends kid.

Jackson at Awanas tonight asked me where my crazy daughter (Jadyn) was.  He took off running all crazy in the hall, I remind him to slow down, she was up there and would still be there when he got there.  He turns to me and very excitedly explains his rush: "This is a once-in-a-week event!"

Such a fun reminder about living in the moment.  Doesn't matter if they see each other regularly, today is VERY IMPORTANT!

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 43

I quit.

Yup, 43 weeks into the the 52 week project and I quit.  When Emily began this it was to encourage her (and anyone who followed) to take more pictures of their family.  It motivated me to start a blog.  I have learned over these past 11 months that I do take a lot of pictures and blogging has become an incredibly manageable way for me to record my families memories.  I truly am loving it.

The photo challenge though has become awkward for me.  Awkward deciding what pictures to call the "challenge" and which to title on their own.  Truthfully nothing makes these photo challenge pictures any different than any other post.  So I'm done.  I am a 52 week photo project drop out.  And I am ok with it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 42

Colton LOVES playing pretend and being someone/something else so dressing up for candy is his cup tea.  Yeah well apparently his cup of tea only lasts for about 4 houses.  Yep, Colton and Daddy came home pretty quick from our trick or treating.  Jadyn and Rylee are quickly outgrowing this whole thing.  They wanted to hang out with their friends and cared very little for the whole dressing up for candy (with their parents) thing.    All this to explain the lack of pictures.  Yep, only 1 picture the whole night.

All in all it was a pleasant, low key evening that reminded me of how big my girls are getting and how much of a homebody my boy is.  Now with Halloween behind us, the real holiday fun can kick in!  Christmas and Thanksgiving kind of merge into a 9 (ish) week long fantastic holiday season in the Burress home!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

HGTV Next Design Star

Hi, my name is Alicia and I have a control problem when it comes to decorating.  This includes kids rooms.  Never has this been a problem.  That is until my oldest decided to become a HGTV lovin', room designing monster :)  Jadyn decided some tweaking needed to be done in her bedroom (that she begrudgingly  lovingly shares with Rylee).

Armed with a ruler and paper in hand, the girl drew to scale (the best she could at 10 years old) her room and a new furniture layout.

With mommies muscles and Jadyn's ideas, we rearranged her room.

With a sewing machine, printer and the help of pinterest, we also DIY'd a few new pieces to decorate with.

With the help of Noonie and Poppies old furniture, Daddy's saw and mommy's paintbrush, we also added a new piece of furniture to the room.  For the dresser, I gave a homemade chalk paint recipe a go.  Surprisingly easy!  According to a friend who has used the Annie Sloan paint numerous times, the finish is very, very similar.  Just a HECK of a lot cheaper :)  Someday soon (I hope) I plan to repaint all the furniture in the room with it.  The dresser was well loved and well used resulting in some cracking and peeling on the sides.  I had the bright idea of covering the sides of the dresser with beadboard (which we already had on hand).  Turned out great!

Forgot the complete before photo.  This is once the beadboard was added

Not promising to hand over all rights to their room decor choices just yet, but Jadyn's taste/opinions are starting to make it a bit easier ;)

Oh, she also redesigned my room.  "Just for fun", she said.  The entire room was a swimming pool.  With a bridge leading you to the island where the bed was.  That is our next project....yeah, probably not.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 41

This week isn't a fun or cute memory.  J was diagnosed with scoliosis.  First suspected by the school nurse, then pediatrician confirmed it, and an ortho explained it and our plan to monitor it.  For now, her degree (22) is low enough to monitor by xray every 5 months to make sure if it increases, we can change our treatment as necessary.

We truly aren't fearful or worried about this, there are MUCH worse things we could be facing right now instead.  Just a reminder of how blessed we are for healthy children!

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 40

Operation catch up this belong begins now.

Fall has arrived in the Burress home!

Our little fall mantel complete with ADORABLE glitter pumpkins purchased at an after season clearance sell last year and a fun THANKFUL pinwheel banner I made following this tutorial from Little Door On The Sound. Possibly my favorite paper craft ever!  Already planning a Christmas one for the photo ledge above our pew in the entry way.

It's sad I am just now posting these pictures when I am contemplating starting Christmas decor within the next week or so!