Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Pictures 2013

By some small miracle, I uploaded our little spring photo session unto Shutterfly before the Great Computer Crash of 2013.  I call this a small miracle because I NEVER order prints from there.  I must have considered ordering a photo book and never got around to it.  

Ok my girl who thinks she should model.

I promise this next picture pose was not my idea.  And I am only including it because it actually makes me laugh!  Its a shame she isn't more comfortable in front of the camera.

Oh my child #2.  My sweet, wild, sensitive, spirited child.  

I could have easily photoshop'd her scrapped knee out, but I think it makes up this picture.  It reminds me that this girl is not comfortable in dresses.  She would much prefer her converse and cut off shorts.

Sweet girls with a rowdy brother who refused to participate in a sibling shot.  

He did, however, willingly shot his sisters as they took a picture together.  

I may have blogged this picture already.  If so, oh well.  It is one of my favorite shots EVER of them.  I see so much of their individuality in this picture.     

And now these next pictures are why I was devastated when I thought they were lost.  Rusty and I never have frame worthy pictures of us two.  Jadyn managed to grab a couple.  I love love love them.  And him.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Last year we spent spring break at Ink Lakes.  You may remember it from this post here

I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane 'cause I have no new pics for you from this years return trip!  Yep, in the great computer crash of 2013 I lost my spring break pictures.  All I have are my Instagram pictures.  I am so grateful that I have become a bit addicted to Instagram.  And grateful that I made it a mission to make camping look fun to my friend Chaeli.  Without that mission, I wouldn't have posted nearly as many pictures as I did.

Update- turns out I have quite a few iPhone pics!  Yay for Facebook and Instagram.  And for some reason I am unsure of I uploaded our Spring pictures (that will be in the next blog post).  By spring pics, I mean the pictures I actually dress them all up and pose them.

With or without pictures (the computer is attempting to be repaired, there is still a sliver of hope...) I wanted to document this amazing trip for our family.  6 days and 6 nights camping at our favorite camp ground.  Many miles hiked, many hours spent in the frigid waters, many delicious meals at local restaurants, it was incredibly peaceful, refreshing, and relaxing.  Not a single one of us was ready to come home.

Memorable moments from our trip.  In no particular order.
  • Crazy storm one night.  Lightening, thunder, rain.  Crazy crazy storm.  Thankful for smart phones so I can track these beasts when they taunt me in my pop up.

  • Rylee and Colton both repeatedly pricked by cacti.
  • Within 12 hrs, every single 1 of our 5 bikes experienced flat tires. 
  • No matter how cold water is, kids will want to swim in it!
  • Camping is the only time all 3 of my kids ask for bed at 7:30.  We wore those babies out!

  • Enchanted Rock State Natural Area will have a long wait to get in the park.  Like hours long.  And then they will fill up and you will not be able to visit that day.  After waiting on the hwy for 1 1/2 hours.
  • Fredricksburg shopping and dining make a great alternative to Enchanted Rock :)

  • A bird built quite an impressive nest in Rusty's baseball bag in less than 12 hrs.
  • The best vacations are the ones with no plans.

  • Something I have learned through this computer mishap, pictures help with memories.  I know it was an amazing trip but honestly life gets in the way and day to day life fades memories so quickly.  I am grateful for the photos that help freeze time.  If only for a moment.

It's Been Too Long

 40 + days since I have written last.  Unacceptable.  It is a bit overwhelming deciding what must be memorialized here that has happened in the Burress home.

I should probably blog about our amazing spring break at Inks Lake.  And then include that shortly after my computer hard drive crashed and I lost all but a few of my amazing pics from said trip.

I should also write about Rylee's traumatic, bloody week.  Rusty would say I am overreacting.  I would say I am not.

I did 1 years pics for my BFF's little girl Kinley.  I also was there for her birth.  I wanted to do a 1 year later post.  I should get on that already.

Colton turned 4.

Rylee turned 9.

Jadyn's first season of softball.  Her team is currently #1 and plays their final play off game tonight.  Incredible first season.  Totally blog worthy.

Latest DIY project.  And it is our favorite ever.

I'm sure there are many more blog worthy posts that just aren't coming to mind.  I will get on them now.