Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving On Up

Last week Colton moved on up to a real big boy bed.  After the crib, down came the rail, and we had ourselves a toddler bed for just over a year.  Back in June during our SLEEPING DISASTER  we decided maybe he wasn't comfortable with a the small bed and small blankets.  I opted for a twin mattress on the floor first so he could get used to no security on the sides since his real bed would float between his windows.  His crib does convert to a full size, but for space reasons (ie toys), we will do a twin now full later.

I swear I brainstormed so many different bed options (mainly building this one from Ana White's plans).  Instead I opted for a cheap (ie FREE) option by repairing and painting on old white Robin bed from Ikea that used to be a daybed in our playroom in a navy blue.  I so wish I had before pictures and well as during pictures.  With very skeptical looks from Rusty, I decided to repair this one all by myself.  Apparently too many monkeys jumping on this bed over this years had caused the railing/screws for the famous ikea slat system to pull out.  Faux wood isn't the easiest to repair :)  In the end I did it!  No joke it took me 5 days though.  Probably 4 days longer than it would have taken Rusty.  I am proud, though, none the less.

One of the most exciting things about this transition is the use of the duvet I made for him when I made his crib bedding.  I was IN LOVE with the fabric from Hobby Lobby 4 years ago (before we even knew if was a boy!) and since they were clearancing it, it was purchase now in case of boy or miss out if it was a boy.  The cheapskate in me did NOT win this time.  Purchased all they had.  Made a crib skirt and a bumper for the crib and a full size duvet for later.  Yes, I banked on loving this thing for a long time.  What a win!  I still, nearly 4 years later, LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric.  So versatile for a boy room for sure!

Colton is very proud of his bed telling me it is bigger bigger bigger like my bed.  Any concerns of him falling off are gone.  Sleeps like a champ in the center of the bed.

Something I never anticipated was seeing a lamp and a picture frame (albeit a frame with no picture yet) on a nightstand next to his bed would make him seem so much older.

Ignore the terrible pictures.  So much natural light comes through his windows (even with the blinds down) it makes an amateurs job difficult :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye Rest

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. "  -John Lubbock

We said goodbye to the days of rest this morning.  At 6:30am, the alarm, which we haven't heard since May, brings with it the schedules, homework, volleyball evening practices, Saturday morning games, Awana Wednesday nights, shorter days, and eventual cooler nights.

Summer was a true reminder this year of how good God has been to our family in the way of friendships.  So many of our days were filled with our friends.  I am so incredibly grateful to Him for it.

As I sit here during the 3 years old nap time in complete silence (school days for the big girls do give me that), I wanted to share a few of my favorite summer memories.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Final Elementary Days

Our first born walked on to the bus this morning as a 5th grader.  I type this in excitement.  And in fear.  I very clearly remember 5th grade.  Boys became cute this year.  A love for reading and writing solidified itself this year.  Bra's began to be wore this year (or wished they could be worn for some of us :).  Friends slowly became cooler than my family this year.  Excitement for wanting to be a teenager showed up this year.  Social studies fascinated me this year.  Math began to bore me this year.  Junior highers seemed so big and cool this year and so close...

I recognize that I was a year older than Jadyn at this point in elementary (due to my birthday), but I still anticipate lots of "growing up" and lots changes to come this year.  I expect we will begin to see more of a young lady than a little girl as junior high waits just around the bend.  I pray I can slow her down just a tad, enjoy this a little longer.   

Kindergarten August 2007

First Grade August 2008

Second Grade August 2009

Third Grade August 2010

Fourth Grade August 2011

Fifth Grade August 2012

I Run Because...

I run because....

I have seen those pins (or posters) on Pinterest 1,253 times.  After today, I have my own.

I run because I never thought I could.

I am not trying to be cliche here at all.  This is very true for me right now.  Jadyn participated in a Read, Deed, Run program at school this past year (and will again this year) and several times I had to run a mile with her.  I walked during my 1 mile run a year ago y'all.  I thought I would die if I didn't.  Almost a year later I ran 6 MILES WITH NO WALKING!

Words cannot describe the nervousness I had going into this race.  My latest runs were so the 13 min (some even in 14 min) range.  I had fears of being the last one to cross.  There is nothing wrong with being the last one to cross, YOU STILL CROSSED.  But honestly people no one wants to be dead last.  No one.

I had one of my best runs yet!  I did not expect to shave so much off my time.  Making it all better, my closest dearest friend Amanda sent me several voice pep talks through the run tracker I use on my phone.  It was AWESOME having her tell me I just beat me latest time.  Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!

And for the sake of being transparent and honest  on this 'ole blog.  Here are my battle scars:

I have been told that these bloody socks announce my arrival as a runner.  Nastly PAINFUL blisters on my pinky toes. This is with bandaids as a preventive measure.  Considering running socks or amputation before the November run.  Will blog about the decision when made.

Thank you Bobbie  and Rusty for pushing me and motivating me on this new running journey!  I had a blast today and (I think) I cannot wait to do it again!

Yeah, I realize this sounded kinda like an Academy Award speech.  Just wait until I finish the November half marathon.  Working on the acceptance speech now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 34

I am running my first race this Saturday.  A 10K!  I. AM. SCARED.  Y'all.  Really scared.  I have successfully hit 5 miles in my training.  I totally believe if everything lines itself up just right, I can do this.  I just need everything to line itself up just right :)

I truly cannot remember doing something that made me this nervous.  Updates to come this weekend!

Monday, August 20, 2012


Seriously this kid is good.

Very quickly after transitioning to a big boy bed, this guy started popping off the child safety knob covers.  We weren't having that.  It freaks me out the thought that he might roam the house when everyone else is asleep.

Sleep walking.  Sleep eating.  Watching late night infommercials.  Falling down the stairs.  Mommy waking up because she feels someone staring down at her at 3am.  Bad things can happen to kids who roam in the middle of the night.

To prevent any of the above late night offenses I lock the 3 year old up.  Do not call the police.  It isn't child abuse I promise.  We let him loose first thing in the morning.  I promise people.

After the childproof knob cover failed us, we turned a lock around.  (lock itself faces the hallway)  Well, Houdini wouldn't have that either.

Without having ever EVER ever seeing anyone unlock his door from the inside, he quickly found keys to release himself with.

Mister Potatohead's mustache and Batman and Robin's helicopter blade.  Lego Duplo Woody's hat.  All "keys" for the door.

Praying Houdini is the appropriate future name.  And not Lock Picking Jail Bird.

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 33

Call me the crazy cat lady.  I am fine with it.  They are in the same family as lions and tigers.  Sounds cool to me :)

After we lost Lancelot, I realized I don't take many photos of our pets.  I know they will be huge memories for our kids one day, and I want them to be able to look back on pictures.  I am hoping to remedy that and snap a few Raja pictures more often.

She is certainly a pain in the butt cat.  Poor girl spends more time on everyone's nerves than not, but now that she has lost her best friend, she has seemed to need a bit more love and playtime with me than ever.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 32

I spent 4 days and 3 nights with these girls at the Gaylord Texan for the 2012 MOPS Convention.  SO very many laughs (and maybe a few tears- mostly from me :)  The weekend reminded me of how very good our God is.  How far He has brought me in my life, and of the amazing friends He has provided me along the way.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 31

More cousin fun this summer.

My sister's kiddos, Kenzie (almost 7), Ayden (almost 4), and Addy (almost 2) spent several days with us this week.  I have such a special place in my heart for these 3.  I hope they always know how much we love them and pray for them!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Party Pooper

Colton went to a pool party.

Colton pooped in his swimsuit.

Thankfully not while in the pool.  This particular day was the day that wouldn't quit giving.  Poop filled swimsuits are just the icing on my eye twitching cake this week.  And it was only Monday.

Anyone want to invite us to a pool party :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Heavy Hearts

We lost our sweet kitty Lancelot on Sunday, August 5.

6 weeks old
We will forever miss this long haired, gentle baby.

2 years old

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 30

This little photo represents 2 things.

First thing is obvious.  Having 2 girls and a boy, we get the best of both worlds.  I get to be a girl mom and a boy mom.  Having a boy and a girl means the doll house can be seized by the SWAT Team at anytime.

Second thing is less obvious.  I am cleaning in the playroom today because I have no children.  All day.  All night.  It is trade off time with Aunt Wendi.  Quiet time for mommy.

Jadyn's 10

How. did. this. happen.

Someone explain to me how we go from this

To this

In 10 short years.

Jadyn, dear, you are a pleasure to parent.  Most of the time.  You are kind, sensitive, outgoing, loud, emotional, compassionate, whiny, smart, beautiful, tall, creative, dramatic....I could go on all day.

You love your iPod, shopping, fashion, swimming, science, writing, music, friends, sleepovers, posing for my camera, and most recently HGTV.

Sweetheart, we love you and are thrilled watching what a beautiful young lady you are growing up to be.  Happy birthday!