Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Jadyns 1st blog post By:Jadyn

THIS IS BY JADYN !!!  I love to take photographs and I love photography! I mostly like taking pictures of people and nature.Here are a few pics I look . Some of them are not edited but some of them are edited and say before and after.
This is before the editing. This a photo took behind the fence of my Noonies and Poppies.

This is after the editing. This Is a lot prettier now because of the editing I did.

Before editing. left to right- Skyla King , Rylee Burress.

After editing. left to right- Skyla King , Rylee Burress. I editied it.

left to right- Rylee Burress , Skyla King

left to right- Rylee Burress , Skyla King

 These are some old photos and the placing is kinda jacked up! BYE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

High School Musical Live

I am going back and blogging some of the smaller summer moments that mean a lot to me.  A major problem with falling behind is that I tend to miss the small moments.

Back in June we took the kids and Nana to dinner and then High School Musical Live at the Miller Outdoor Theater. We did an evening show so that the weather would be pleasant.  We had a fantastic night!  I cannot say enough good things about.  I was shocked that Colton enjoyed the show as much as he did.  Cannot wait for the opportunity to do this again!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gorgeous Senior Pictures

Its no secret I enjoy photography.  I enjoy my camera.  I love the editing process.  I just enjoy it all around. Anytime I am asked to do a session for someone, I am honored to have someone new to practice on.  I am still learning so much about posing, lighting, Photoshop, shooting and editing in RAW so I am almost always up for a new lesson :)  

When I was asked to do her pictures, I was nervous.  She wanted her senior pictures taken and a graduation announcement designed.  She didn't want the tradition ones you could purchase, she wanted trendy and modern.  I am not sharing those as they are still to be mailed out, but I am thrilled with the result!  And I learned so much.  Thanks Laura for the opportunity!  

These are a few of my favorite images!

I also learned that I LOVE taking pictures of big kids :)  Amazing how much better she obeys compared to my 4 year old.

We Jumped

Disclaimer:  If you are a real cliff jumper, sky diver, hang glider, etc, ignore me in this post.  I am apparently a chicken so to me this was big.

I mentioned in the last post we jumped.  I felt that these pictures deserved their own post.

Inks Lake has this area called Devils Water Hole.  It is a set of rocks that crazy folks like to jump from. Since we have always visited Inks Lake during spring break, this is something we haven't experienced yet. It is entirely too cold for that in March.  My kids REQUIRED this during our August trip though.  The "normal" jumping rock is approximately 20ish feet high and the tallest being approx 40ish feet high.  EVERYONE from our party jumped on day 1.  Here is everyone in order.




Emma (Rusty is not throwing her, he is making sure she is far enough off the rocks to be safe!)






Two pictures are missing here.  One of Aaron jumping from the higher peak there on the left of the picture.  Approx 40 ish feet high.  From my understanding it was a fairly painful jump :)

The second missing picture would be me.  It took an additional 24 hours for me to muster up the courage to jump.  And, in all fairness, I am not even sure I ever really mustered up the courage.  I did not like the idea of being the only one, THE ONLY ONE, in our group to not jump so I forced myself.  Y'all words cannot describe how scared I was.  Petrified.  Terrified.  Anxious.  Panicked.  It was horrible.  I physically could not jump.  Petrified is probably a VERY accurate word.  I couldn't move.  My husband was waiting for me in the water, I was squeezing Aaron's hand way too tight.  I could not jump.  My legs would not work.  My brain simply could not understand why I was jumping from perfectly safe ground.  The best I could muster up was more of a tuck and fall off the rock :)  Very cool huh?  Um no.  Apparently I didn't look like I would make it to the water.  Looked a little to Rusty and Aaron like I could smash my terrified self on the rocks on my way down.  I did not however.  I survived.  With no one to take my picture.

In my attempt to look cool and keep up with the crowd I think actually made me look silly.  Oh well. Let this be a lesson.  Stand against peer pressure.  Or I should get new (more chicken like) friends?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Last Summer Hoorah

We finally got the opportunity to show the Collins' family Inks Lake.  Being we were planning to camp in August, knowing the Texas heat and all, we prayed HARD for water sites.  And water sites we got!  We lounged, we ate, we drank, we swam, we jumped, we even got to see a meteor shower 2 nights in a row. Gorgeous views, great friends.  I cannot think of a better end to a CRAZY summer!  And now I will flood the rest of this post with pictures!

Dalton and Colton feed the ducks early one morning.  It wasn't foggy out, my camera was just fogged up. Kind of a cool accident I thought!

Emma and her love of Little Peoples.

That were played with inside the big kids "Sunnyside Day Care."  Yes, the same day care from Toy Story 3.

Jackson just because he is cute.

And Rylee because she is cute.  And I never knew how happy freckles could make me until this kid.  

What most days looked like.

Unless your Kinley.  Then, your days involved booster seats and cheetos :)  Ok, not the ENTIRE time ;)  

And proof we were there too.

Up next...cliff jumping.  It deserved its own post.

Friday, November 22, 2013

How We Camp: Equipment

I am working on a post about our final camping trip of the summer.  yep its November.  and I still posting about summer.  slacker.

Before I get to it, I thought I would post about our favorite camping stuff.  Anytime someone hears we are camping in the summer they think we are crazy!  I thought it would be fun to share some different posts on things that have made camping easier for us.  First,  I have compiled a list of our favorite pieces.
  • EZ Up canopy.  Shade.  'Nuff said.  If you can have 2 (which we do) even better. We keep tables holding our food and supplies under one and we sit under another.  We have a canopy that has detachable sides.  PERFECT for hanging to block direct sun when your cooking/prepping meals.  Standing over a hot grill with 110 degree sun beating down on you...no good.  You will hate camping and never want to do it again.
  • A great, high velocity fan. A great fan helps keep cool sitting outside as well as helping inside at night. We have one similar to this one that you can find here
  • Until 2 years ago, we tent camped.  Even in a tent, I want to be comfortable.  Enter large tent and air mattresses.  A large tent means you can put multiple air mattresses, a fan, and your bags in with you.  Convenience will always make you enjoy camping more.  Similar one here.  Let me also add that you should have a tarp under your tent as a prep for unexpected rain.  
  • We no longer are tent campers now though.  We're movin' on up...Similiar camper found here. We purchased ours used on Craigslist about 2 years ago for a great deal!  Now, camper shopping on Craigslist is a blog post of tips all by itself!  
  • This next item isn't a MUST have but it is a great convenience that we LOVE.  It's a table and grill set. Very convenient!  We eat like kings when we camp so a good grill IS a necessity for us!  This is the exact grill here  and table here.  Rusty loves that it doesn't sit on the table, getting the table dirty and greasy.
Sam's Club Table and Grill
  • For this next tip, we don't have an actual brand we are in love with, but we always have a few ice chests.  One ice chest for just drinks!  That will be the most opened chest and also the one if it isn't a certain temperature, you aren't going to get sick!  A second ice chest holds just food. It's opened the least amount therefore staying coldest.  Therefore no food poisoning :)  Always a plus.  Often we take a third ice chest just for extra ice.  This is especially beneficial if your camping for more than a weekend and will need to replenish your other ice chests often.
  • And for the occasional cold nights we just use a small space heater.
  • Oh and a recent discovery.  Camping with small kids?  A cheap-o small tent.  Portable playroom! Then they are confined if needed and no child is tracking dirt all day long in and out of the "main" sleeping quarters!
Maybe this will help anyone planning a trip in the future.  Maybe everyone knows these already.  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

An Independence Day for the Books

Oh boy.  Happy Birthday America.  I need some ibuprofen.  And a nap.  And a vacation.  from my vacation.

This isn't to say this wasn't a wonderful, fun filled July 4th getaway.  But, again, I had 6 kids with me, not including the Collins family of an additional 4 kids.  It was a wild one.  Due to the wild nature of it, I did not take near as many pictures as I normally do.

Kenzie, Addy, & Ayden enjoyed their first camping trip, boat ride, tubing and fishing!  My kids, as usual, had a blast swimming in the lake.

We grown up's enjoyed our deep, thought provoking late night conversations.   Ok deep they were not. Hysterical they were though.

We did not enjoy the 40+ splinters Ayden managed to get in his hands and feet while fishing.

Nor did we enjoy the 19 stitches Jadyn received in her side after a run in with a boat propeller (it wasn't on). I will paint this picture now.  All kids are swimming in between the Mosley pier and the neighbors pier (which has a waterslide the kids use).  This is normal, its where they spend all their water time.  One of the neighbors sons had brought in his small boat and tied it off right where all the kids were and did not pull the prop out of the water.

I do not point this out to point blame just to illustrate how this could have happened. Truthfully, as many adults as we had, I totally believe one of us should have been paying closer attention and realized the hazard here.

The kids were continuing to swim around the boat to get to the ladder, Jadyn swam right along the blade, slicing her side open.  I will spare you all a before picture, just imagine a huge open wound with all the fatty tissue exposed.  It was gruesome.  She comes out of the water, sees blood and screams for her dad.  Rylee and one of the neighbor boys see the wound at this time and go into shear panic and fear.  John (Amanda's dad) and Rusty are the first to realize something is terribly wrong.  Rusty said the look on Rylee's face was pure panic.  Poor girl was sobbing and incredibly fearful for her sister.  Aaron and I notice there is some commotion outside, we head out the door and I see/hear Rusty holding Jadyn's side screaming for me to get a towel.  We run in for a towel, run outside to Rusty and Jadyn.  Rusty says it's bad, we need to get to the hospital.  At this point I haven't seen the wound, but I know my husband.  If he says we are going to the hospital, I know its bad.  We load Jadyn in the backseat and Aaron offers to ride along.

Yes, we leave Amanda and her parents behind with 9 kids.  I think Aaron my have been a little grateful for a reason to getaway.

On the 8 minute ride to the hospital, Jadyn has the chills and wants to go to sleep.  Not knowing exactly how bad this is, I refuse to let her and admit this worries me.  We arrive at the hospital, go into the waiting room, check in, a triage nurse comes over, pulls a towel back and tells she is stable.  I relax so much at this point. Still haven't seen the wound myself yet.

It was pretty quick they move us into a room, although they apologized for the wait repeatedly.  We are from Houston.  This was NOT a wait.  This is when I finally see the wound.  Thank God we were at the hospital and had already been told she was stable or I would have panicked (more than I did).  She was a champ. Got her 19 stitches (13 above, 6 under) with just a whimper.  Biggest bummer about this was that she couldn't swim the rest of the weekend.  That really only took her out Saturday so it could have been worse. She handled that well too!

You know its been a wild weekend when 19 stitches isn't the worse thing to happen. 2:30 am I get a call that my dad fell off of his roof that night, broke bones in his neck, back and shattered his pelvis.  Good ever lovin' grief. 

We loaded up quickly and early that next morning and headed to the hospital.  Vacation officially over.
( This is Jadyn and I just wanted Y'all to know that I didn't notice that I got cut till I got out of the water and saw alot of blood then I started freaking out. The part that hurt the most about it was when they numbed me with shots they put INSIDE my cut and it felt like a million of fire ant decided to climb in my cut and started biting)
me. Also I didn't know that the already started till I asked when they were gonna start and they already did.) 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Our Summer in Numbers

God Bless America

A pre- July 4th celebration occurred at Sagemont Church celebrating the baptism of my mother in law, a concert by Robbie Seay Band and a beautiful fireworks display.

I honestly did not want to go.  It was a Sunday night.  The firework show wouldn't even begin until around 8:45pm.  I am tired just thinking about it.  We were leaving for a camping trip with 6 kids (3 of our own, my sisters 3 kids staying with us, 4 with the other couple) in just 2 days and I wanted kids in bed early.

I am so incredibly glad that we went.  The weather was perfect, baptism service was beautiful, the fireworks were incredible, but the time of praise and worship is exactly what my tired, weary heart needed.  As much fun as our summer has been up through this point, it also came with its challenges.  This night was a breath of fresh air from God himself.  Easily one of my favorite summer nights.  Grateful for a God who knows what I need more than I do.

Friday, August 30, 2013

6 Kids, 2 Dogs & a Cat

For nearly a month this summer we had the privilege of my nieces Kenzie (7 yrs old), Addy (2 1/2 yrs old) and my nephew Ayden (4 yrs old) staying with us.

Photo courtesy of Jadyn's Photography :)
Due to the chaotic nature of the month I do not have near as many pictures as I would like.  I will recap our adventures though.
  • Swimming at the Collins/Mosley pool multiple times.  All 3 Scanlon kids are nonswimmers.  10 kids, 5 non swimmers. Chaotic fun.
  • Fireworks and concert.  Chaotic fun.

  • Zoo trip with the Kaisers, Burress', and Scanlons.  2 adults, 8 kids.  Chaotic fun.

  • Bowling with the Kaisers, Collins, Burress', Scanlons.  3 adults, 10 kids.  Chaotic fun.
  • Camping Trip to the Collins/Mosley residence on Lake Livingston. 10 kids, 1 lake.  41 splinters.  19 stitches.  Boating, tubing, fishing, swimming.  Ice cream.  Campfire and s'mores. Fireworks over the water. Chaotic fun.  (more on this trip later).

  • Dinner out.  Chaotic fun.
Mornings were early, naptimes were short, dinners were wild, and bedtimes hard, but I know beyond a doubt cousin relationships were strengthened.  And this aunts heart was happy.  and tired.