Friday, May 29, 2015

Tri- Athletes

Back in April the girls participated in their first (Kids) Triatholon.

Let me set the stage for you...

First register girls.  Jadyn (12 yrs old) Senior category (Swim is 200 yards, bike is 6 miles, run is 1 mile) .  Rylee (10 yrs old) Junior category (Swim is 100 yards, bike is 3 miles, run is 1/2 mile).

Second show up at 5:30 am for the junior category.  With 6 kids.  My 3 and additionally my 3 nieces and nephews who are now staying with us for awhile.

Third check in and get marked.

Fourth realize something isn't quite right with Rylee's markings...

Fifth realize we missed where it was noted that your category isn't based on how old you are the day of the triatholon.  No.  It's based on the age you are turning that year.  Bumping Rylee up to the next catergory.

Sixth deal with the aftermath of this error.

So a bit about Rylee.  My poor girl doesn't do change terribly well.  Realizing that this means doubling her distances, she freaks!  We have zero doubt she will be fine and rock this category, we push and push and she is refusing,  After being so excited about this race, she is giving up.  I pull out one of my magic tricks that works with all girls.  I promise her a new pair of shoes if she participates. Yes I am not above bribery.  And yes it worked.

Now that she is willing to race, we wait.  With 6 kids.  In the heat.  For HOURS while we wait for the senior category to begin.  With 6 kids.

The girls raced.  They rocked it.  Both did amazing.  Honestly, we thought for sure Rylee kicked Jadyn's butt in her time.  Rylee looked so good at the end.  Like it was easy peasy.  Turns out Jadyn beat Rylee by several minutes (most of this in her bike time).  Rylee was very pumped by how she felt at the end.  Both girls LOVED it and cannot wait for next year.  Colton will join them next year, too.

Which means we will still be there at 5:30 am. 

Let me also note that all 6 kids behaved amazingly well considering how long they were up and just sitting!