Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Favorite. DIY. Ever.

Seriously.  Ever.

This man of mine
Built this console table of mine

He had some assistance from AnaKreg and me (I am the sander and stainer of this little DIY team).  I won't bother to share how to, Ana White does that perfectly.  I will however say the Kreg Jig tools are AMAZING.

It wouldn't be fair to this post if I didn't share my little mishap.  I wanted to try my hand at a new stain color. I went with a Minwax in gray (can't remember the exact color name).  I was supposed to test a small area first since we had never used the color before.  Can you guess where I am going with this...yeah, I didn't test first.  Nope.  I wiped down the entire top, stepped back and IT. WAS. UGLY.  U-G-L-Y.  UGLY.  The color didn't read gray at all, it was a greenish blue.  I was pretty calm figuring it was only one coat so we could sand it out.  My dear, patient husband came home and sanded it out for us.  Crisis averted :)  And lesson learned.  Ok, I hope lesson learned.  I have been known to have to learn lessons more than once before they set in!

This picture does NOT due this finish justice.  It was UGLY.  We ended up going with Minwax Ebony stain we already have and love.  Go figure.  Although I have recently seen a two tone finish I think would look amazing.  Rusty might kill me this soon though....

Oh and a new table means new decor.  Enter Ross with this pitcher.  It called out to me.  And I answered.

A Year Later....

This post is MONTHS behind.  (at this point aren't they all?)

If you have stuck around long enough on this blog you may remember meeting Kinley Rae for the first time here.  I was there, along side her Mommy, Daddy and her Nonnie when she joined the world.

And here is Miss Kinley ONE YEAR LATER!

Kinley girl we love you and sorry this is late :)

Memorial Day 2013

Another summer officially kicked off at Amanda's parents property on Lake Livingston.

Getaways like this are good for the soul.  Dressed in either a swimsuit or pj's for days.  All meals eaten outdoors.  Early morning fishing trips.  Late afternoon boat rides.  Late night campfires.  Rope swings.  

Jadyn even squeezed in some riding lessons.

Colton asked if we could stay here forever. 

NOTE This is not the infamous trip that lead to the 19 stitches.  If I ever catch up on this ole blog then I will share that trip here :)