Friday, September 21, 2012

Life Is Sweet

Summer was sweet.  We celebrate the "unofficial" close of summer, Labor Day weekend, camping again with the Collins and Hargrave families.

With having done several of these camping trips together, it was just an extension of our usual fun.  Lots of kid wandering and parents hanging out.  Biggest difference this trip from past trips, the Hargraves have also ditched the tent and purchased a pop up.  Read more on their camper here.  Bobbie's description of her camper purchasing endeavors are pretty funny!  After a good 25 minute down pour midday Saturday, the Collins tent was flooded and they were forced to shack up with us!  You could read a bit about that on Amanda's blog here.  They are officially over the tent thing!

With the crazy daytime heat (and my dumb A/C in the camper couldn't keep up during the day) we cooled off in an old fashioned ice cream parlor.

As the pictures clearly convey, Blue Bell is a winner all around.

Since everyone had a real bed to sleep on, we found a different use for the air mattress.

The younger kids crashed early from exhaustion while the big kids enjoyed a movie night in the bed of the pickup every night.  Us parents spent our nights laughing, talking, playing games and watching weirdo You Tube videos (thank you Hargrave's for that).  

Always a great time to us all!


  1. Love Rylee's face, Jadyn's eyes, and Colton's froggy tongue.

  2. Those are such fun ice cream pics. Seriously, Colton's tongue is out of control!!! He's so cute. Looks like the kids are really "roughin it"!!!!