Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Terrible Two's... HA!

Colton at 2 was a pure delight.  A pleasure to be around.  Almost at all times.

3 years old....well, not so much.  Certainly not a pleasure at all times.

His favorite things to drive me batty....
  • "It's not funny!"  Used primarily when he is angry and he is convinced someone is laughing at him.
  • Throwing items when he gets annoyed that said item isn't doing what he thinks it should.  Like, say he is losing at a game on sister's iPod....
  • NEVER naps.  Has quiet time in his room for an hour or so everyday.  Time he takes to make sure his room is as messy as it can possibly be.

A few funny things right now (that aren't neccessarily 3 year old "problems")
  • He still pretends NO STOP.  It actually exhausts my brain at times.  He loves being a superhero whether it is Batman, Spiderman, or a Power Ranger (the green one).  He loves to be animals.  And he loves to pretend he is a video game and I have to hold a imaginary controller and play him.
  • He is a homebody.  I am not sure if he would ever want to leave the house.  A few days ago he even locked himself in the bathroom to avoid leaving that morning.  Once he is out and wherever it is we are going, he is fine!  It's the leaving the house part he hates.

And, yeah, yeah, yeah, I am sure I will miss these days one day....

*I chose these pictures so that as I complain a little I am reminded that he is still cute.  And in this Batman costume he got for Halloween he is the cutest.  Seriously, my heart stops a little every time he puts it on. 


  1. I feel ya sista. Threes are way worse than twos. But I looooove threes. They are so gullible.

  2. He is so freakin' cute in that Batman costume!! Jacob just told me he wanted to be Batman too, like his friend (looking at these pics). 3's are horrible, I completely agree with you there!!

  3. So when you put up such cute pictures of him as you write about what a toot he is being, all I hear is, "lalalalalala." He's way tooooooooo adorable for any of those things you accused him of...must be another child! (3 sucks way worse than 2!!) :-)