Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Handmade Holiday

I am behind again.  Crazy busy weeks for the Burress home.  More on why another day....

This year, I had a strong desire to hand make something for my kids (and the house).  Truthfully, I ALWAYS have a strong desire to hand make something.  Christmas was just a great excuse :)

We will start with the front door.  One of our crafts for MOPS this year were the popular deco mesh wreaths.  I came home and personalized mine further.  In LOVE with how this turned out!

Ignore the peeling vinyl 3.  I will get right on that.
After DIYing the decorations, Santa and Mrs Claus got busy!  Rylee was getting her first America Girl Doll. I knew we were going to have a very happy 8 year old girl that morning and could not wait!  A doll means we must have doll clothes, right?  I knew right away that I needed to learn to make doll clothes for 2 reasons.
  1. The cost of AG clothing.  Wow. 
  2. My Rylee marches to the beat of her own drum.  Her style leans more towards skater than AG does :)

I think I nailed it!

And where would the doll sleep?  Enter Ana-White (again!).

Again NAILED IT (uh sorry Rusty NAILED IT)!  

For Colton I thought a teepee and a campfire would be fun!  This was a bit more work than I think I would do again (the teepee).  Now the campfire is worth it just because of how darn freaking cute it is!

Here is Santa working hard on Jadyn's tether ball pole.  This little DIY project is a perfect example of Rusty and I.  We could have bought this tether ball pole for a little more than the supplies cost us.  My dear husband, though, refuses to pay for something he can build himself.  I love that man.  Notice there isn't an after picture of this.  The weather has not cooperated for us for that.  This weekend it will all be up.  I will update this post then!

Not only did we have fun making it all, the kids LOVED it all!  


  1. you did a great job on all of it!

  2. Y'all are both so unbelievably talented!!! Love it all!!