Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Gone Wrong

Alicia's brain:  "I think Jadyn's night stand in her new room should be metallic."

Pinterest: "Silver leaf is a good option!"

Alicia's brain: "Certainly you could do this cheaper..."

Pinterest: "Use aluminum foil in place of silver leaf!"

Alicia's brain: "Furniture wrapped in aluminum foil!  That sounds brilliant!!!

There is not a adjective out there capable of describing my laugh as I type this.  Seriously, people (all 5 of you dedicated Burress Home fans :), I cannot express how ridiculous this sounds to me right now.  Yet, it sounded like a descent plan a week ago.  

Let me paint this picture BEFORE I show you the picture....

Sunday morning.  I have a terrible cold.  The kind where I cannot sit next to people in church because they might think I have the plague.  So I stay home.  Rusty goes to church.  I am in the middle of a bedroom redo for my oldest.  I have contemplated metallic furniture (atleast one piece) for her new room.  

Enter this pin.

And this pin.
And this pin.

Red Hen Home

This last pin the blogger describes her method using aluminum foil.  

I HAVE aluminum foil!

She uses wallpaper paste.

I DO NOT have wallpaper paste.

Surely Modge Podge could do the same...

And Rusty is not here to stop me....

Here is the end result of my Sunday I AM SICK SO I'LL REDO SOMETHING mood.

Nailed it!  Ok I didn't.


Stayed tuned for the remake of the remake....And it was successful the second time around.  Without using foil.

Let me explain that I am sure I did something very wrong.  Maybe ModgePodge....Either way, I didn't attempt the same method. This is not the original blogger's tutorial's fault.  All mine folks.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaa I LOVE it!!! I finally have proof that you are NOT perfect!!!! Lol in my head dear you are the "PERFECT" betty homemaker, housewife, mother, etc.....

    1. GIRL!!! You are going to force me to have such more "real" Alicia then! I am a complete failure who just keeps trying! Ask my kids and husband!

    2. That should have said "You are going to force me to have to show more "real" Alicia then!"