Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Will Not Be Foiled Again!

My little title cracks me up!

I had a drama teacher in junior high that used to say (constantly to a couple boys in class) that the worst comedian is the one who laughs at his own jokes first.  Every time I laugh at myself first I think of him....

Ok back on point here.

We ended yesterday with this fiasco

After I failed at my first attempt (you can read about it here), I decided to go a more fail proof method.  SPRAY PAINT.  Like I said yesterday, I do not believe my first failure is due to the tutorial I followed. Problem was I didn't FOLLOW her tutorial.  I took her instructions as mere suggestions.  Yeah, not good.  Follow instructions people!

After laughing at my final product (well almost final, never actually finished), I pulled all the foil off and scrubbed the modge podge off as best as I could.  The next morning, I lightly sanded and prepared to start over.

I used this pin on Pinterest as my final inspiration.

Using Rustoleum Metallic spray paint, I painted the entire nightstand.  The coverage was awesome.  Not even a whole can (I was prepared with 2 cans!).  Once the table was dry, I took a rag and wiped a Minwax Special Walnut stain I had on hand and wiped it all lightly with the stain.  I let the stain sit for just a couple of minutes and then with a clean rag, I wiped it off lightly.  I LOVE the final product and it was exactly as I originally hoped for!

In a pleasant turn of events, the original failure turned out to be a bit of success!!!  The modge podge left behind a slight texture that gave the stain somewhere to stick for a more antiqued finish.  Even failures can be successes.

Still have a lot left to do in the new room of J's:

  1. Bedding
  2. Throw pillows
  3. Paint focal wall behind bed
  4. Paint remaining 4 walls a soft gray
  5. Nightstand redo
  6. Cover lampshade for her Goodwill revamped lamp
  7. DIY upholstered and tufted headboard (SO EXCITED about this project!)
  8. Curtains
  9. Refinish Vanity
  10. Throw rug
  11. Chandelier/New light fixture
  12. Refinish her cabinet
  13. LARGE bulletin board
  14. Art work/Pictures up on the walls
This is turning out to be a very slow redo but I am sure we will LOVE it once it is finished!

I am playing along with some of bloggings best!

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  1. The final product is SOOO pretty, and much better than the tinfoil photo you shared yesterday. I'm glad it turned out.

  2. Thanks Susan! I am much happier today :)

  3. Nice job!Love the story within the story. Love the color and the heart it took to finish this little project!=)

  4. I really like the finished product. Thank you for completing that so I didn't have to say "Oh wow, that looks really interesting" the next time I come down. Hahaha!!! Boy, that little dresser has sure been through a lot in it's lifetime. I'm correct that is out of grandad's house, right?