Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Another summer officially kicked off at Amanda's parents property on Lake Livingston.

Getaways like this are good for the soul.  Dressed in either a swimsuit or pj's for days.  All meals eaten outdoors.  Early morning fishing trips.  Late afternoon boat rides.  Late night campfires.  Rope swings.  

Jadyn even squeezed in some riding lessons.

Colton asked if we could stay here forever. 

NOTE This is not the infamous trip that lead to the 19 stitches.  If I ever catch up on this ole blog then I will share that trip here :)


  1. the rope swings look like so much fun! now Jadyn needs to come mow our grass.

  2. Wow your kids are going to have such amazing memories of their childhood!!! Love the swing pictures!!!