Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss Kinley

The last 48 hours have been one of the points in time where I have found myself incredibly grateful for where God has placed me.  8 years ago my heart was so incredibly heavy, and I began to cry out to God for friends.  Fast forward to today, and God has placed us in a church that has allowed us to develop those friendships.  It is an incredibly moving place to be in when you realize that you have several 2 AM friends (and they aren't all family!).

On Tuesday afternoon I was honored to join one of my dearest, closest friends in the world, along side her mom and husband, as they welcomed their 4th child.  There is nothing quite like being present for a birth (whether your own or a loved ones).   Seeing the first moments mommy and daddy meet their new baby is absolutely priceless.  Hands down my favorite pictures from all the of my children are the first pictures of Rusty seeing his babies.

There is a particular moment I never want to forget just after Kinley was born.  Amanda had given the responsibility of her name over to Aaron and they had already decided on Kinley.   The middle name was undecided up until the birth.  Just after the baby was handed over to Aaron, Dr Lee asked if they had decided on her name yet or were they keeping it to themselves longer.  Aaron said (very softly and seriously), "No, no, it's Kinley Rae (Rae being Amanda's middle name)."  The sweet sincerity in his voice was one of the most tender things I had ever heard.  I lost it.  Tears began to flow behind my lens.  I look down to tell Amanda's mom that I was crying now, and she had started crying too!

My kiddos love this entire family as much as we do, and they couldn't wait to meet Miss Kinley in the hospital.  Aaron and Amanda were wonderful, and allowed all of us to have dinner in the hospital with them on Wed night.

The girls were in love.  This picture of Rylee brings back to mind memories of when Colton made Rylee into a big sister.  My heart loves this.

Colton was far more interest in performing and playing with Mr. Aaron than in the baby.

I somehow managed to NOT take a picture of Jadyn and Kinley together.  I did take a picture of Kinley while in Jadyn's arms though.  To soften the blow to Jadyn that she is not in the picture, I edited it a little more fun just for her.

Collins family congratulations on Kinley's healthy arrival and I am so blessed and honored to have been a part of her arrival.  We love you guys and look forward to many, many years watching all these kids of ours grow up together.  I love y'all.

And, now I am wiping tears.

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  1. Those are amazing pictures!! What sweet memories with your best friend. Kinley is beautiful!!