Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Pictures 2013

By some small miracle, I uploaded our little spring photo session unto Shutterfly before the Great Computer Crash of 2013.  I call this a small miracle because I NEVER order prints from there.  I must have considered ordering a photo book and never got around to it.  

Ok my girl who thinks she should model.

I promise this next picture pose was not my idea.  And I am only including it because it actually makes me laugh!  Its a shame she isn't more comfortable in front of the camera.

Oh my child #2.  My sweet, wild, sensitive, spirited child.  

I could have easily photoshop'd her scrapped knee out, but I think it makes up this picture.  It reminds me that this girl is not comfortable in dresses.  She would much prefer her converse and cut off shorts.

Sweet girls with a rowdy brother who refused to participate in a sibling shot.  

He did, however, willingly shot his sisters as they took a picture together.  

I may have blogged this picture already.  If so, oh well.  It is one of my favorite shots EVER of them.  I see so much of their individuality in this picture.     

And now these next pictures are why I was devastated when I thought they were lost.  Rusty and I never have frame worthy pictures of us two.  Jadyn managed to grab a couple.  I love love love them.  And him.


  1. OMG!!!! I LOVE HER poses!!!!! :-) You go Jaydon!
    I love that Riley has so much tom boy in her! So me growing up!
    And that boy, "tell your cousins I said hi!" is the only thing that comes to mind when I see him!! Lol

    You and Rusty look amazing and so in love! Keep it up ;-)

  2. hahaha Jadyn's poses make me laugh because she is so not serious in real life, but she's got those poses down so well! She would make an excellent model, for real.