Saturday, March 16, 2013

Giddy Up Y'All

We just finished up country and western dance lessons! I cannot believe how fun it was. And, honestly I am kind of shocked to find out how much my husband enjoys it! He has ALWAYS been willing to dance whether it be a high school dance (we started dating summer before our senior year) or a dance hall, I just never realized he actually liked it!

Photo of our boots courtesy of my girl Jadyn.  She requires photo credit :)

We both would love to take the next level but that will have to wait until our next break in between sports seasons for our kids!


  1. Such an awesome picture!!! Jadyn, you did a fantastic job!! I didn't realize y'all were taking lessons. How much fun.

  2. Thanks Aunt Staci, I am starting to be taking pictures on different settings and learning what each setting does, how to use it, and how to change the way the camera takes the picture (EX:how fast the shutter speed is, how blurry the background is , that is only on AV mode, where it should focus, and where the object that I am taking the picture of should be. I can't wait till I can start a photography thing!:)

  3. That's so awesome Jadyn!! Maybe you can teach Aunt Staci when you learn all of this stuff!!! You are doing a great job!!! Love you!!