Monday, March 18, 2013

The End of An Era

They have shared a room for 8 years.  It is a funny thing.  I knew it was a long time.  Just didn't realize how long until right this second as I did the math.

8 years ago, even though we had enough space for their own rooms, we made the decision to put them in the same room.  I have shared a room nearly my entire life.  My sister and then not long after, my husband.  I am sure I hated it as a child, but in hindsight, I loved every minute of it.  My sister was a built in BFF.  I believe sharing a room was incredibly good for me, and knew it would be for my kids too!

Fast forward 8 years later, and I am separating my girls.  I think as a parent one of our greatest jobs is to recognize our children INDIVIDUALLY and then do what is best (within our limitations) for them.  My sister and I did very well sharing a room (we were 5 years apart).  My girls (22 months apart) I think will benefit greatly from some alone time.  I truly never thought I would feel this way.  But, within a week of this transition in our family, I see the difference.

Rylee, who has had some difficulty in math the last couple of years, has a hard time with studying with distractions.  This space that is "all her own" seems to be eliminating a lot of those distractions.  I pray this shows up in the classroom!  Rylee also needs a LOT more sleep than Jadyn.  I did not think she would go to bed without her sister having to go to bed (she has refused to for 8 years!).  Since we have made the room transition, she could care less who is still up when we tell her to go to bed!

So far so good! This also mean that two rooms will be undergoing makeovers. This is another plus to the new arrangement :)

And, for fun a little reminder of what we are starting with in this room redo!

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