Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Been Too Long

 40 + days since I have written last.  Unacceptable.  It is a bit overwhelming deciding what must be memorialized here that has happened in the Burress home.

I should probably blog about our amazing spring break at Inks Lake.  And then include that shortly after my computer hard drive crashed and I lost all but a few of my amazing pics from said trip.

I should also write about Rylee's traumatic, bloody week.  Rusty would say I am overreacting.  I would say I am not.

I did 1 years pics for my BFF's little girl Kinley.  I also was there for her birth.  I wanted to do a 1 year later post.  I should get on that already.

Colton turned 4.

Rylee turned 9.

Jadyn's first season of softball.  Her team is currently #1 and plays their final play off game tonight.  Incredible first season.  Totally blog worthy.

Latest DIY project.  And it is our favorite ever.

I'm sure there are many more blog worthy posts that just aren't coming to mind.  I will get on them now.

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