Tuesday, November 13, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 42

Colton LOVES playing pretend and being someone/something else so dressing up for candy is his cup tea.  Yeah well apparently his cup of tea only lasts for about 4 houses.  Yep, Colton and Daddy came home pretty quick from our trick or treating.  Jadyn and Rylee are quickly outgrowing this whole thing.  They wanted to hang out with their friends and cared very little for the whole dressing up for candy (with their parents) thing.    All this to explain the lack of pictures.  Yep, only 1 picture the whole night.

All in all it was a pleasant, low key evening that reminded me of how big my girls are getting and how much of a homebody my boy is.  Now with Halloween behind us, the real holiday fun can kick in!  Christmas and Thanksgiving kind of merge into a 9 (ish) week long fantastic holiday season in the Burress home!

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