Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rock And Roll

We did it!  We finished our first Rock and Roll Half Marathon in San Antonio!

Way back HERE we committed to running our first half marathon, and here we are six months later, we've done it!

My finish time was 2:50:56 and Rusty's was 2:41:02.  Neither of us meet our personal goal, but we weren't so far off that we are devastated.  Maybe we will do this again to meet those times.  We shall see.

Rusty struggled with calf cramps after mile 9 which he hadn't had problems with before so that really messed up his time.  I feel so bad for him, he worked much harder in his training than I did and definitely deserved this!

A few things I have learned about myself and running over this experience.... 

  1. I hate hate hate miles 1-2 (and sometimes all the way to 3).  I have to battle past mile 3.  The idea ALWAYS occurs to me that if I were running a 5K I'd be done.
  2. I can do more than I believe about myself.  Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us.  Eph 3:20
  3. Mile 6-9 are the "easiest" for me.  I finally hit my stride and feel good.
  4. I hate Gatorade.  Until I hit mile 6.  Suddenly that nasty drink becomes the best tasting thing on the planet.
  5. I have problems with posterior shin splints.  
  6. KT Tape is awesome.
  7. Running with friends (not side by side, but sharing the same goal- we all ran our own paces) is incredibly motivating.  Bobbie, Amanda, Estella, THANK YOU GIRLS!  I LOVE Y'ALL!
  8. Sharing the same goal as my husband is AMAZING!  I highly recommend it!  Probably my favorite part about this experience.
  9. I don't hate running as much as I thought.
  10. I was thrilled that I did not have to pee while running.  Nor anything else that involved a port-a-potty with no toilet paper.

I thought at one time, when I imagined writing this post, I would end it with "I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN".  Turns out I'm not.  I will end it "I MIGHT DO THIS AGAIN"


  1. Congrats!!! Wished I lived closer, I would love to join you. My husband HATES running, jogging, walking, etc... Lol

  2. love the gatorade comment. it's true that it tastes so good. it reminds me of being in the dessert and you are willing to drink just about anything at that point. so happy that y'all accomplished your 1/2 marathon goal... and that you don't hate running. now moving on to adventure type races. looking forward to training with you! now i need to go blog about this, too.