Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inks Lake

Last Friday, to kick off Spring Break, we loaded up our car and pop up camper and headed out to Inks Lake State Park for 4 nights.  The trip started out not so great.  It was pouring on Friday night and the rain continued until around lunch time on Sunday.  I am very proud of us.  We were troopers and handled the hiccup in our plans well.  Another full day of rain, though, and I think we may have snapped.

Once the sun came out on Sunday, it was GORGEOUS until we left on Tuesday.  This was our first time to Inks Lake, and it did not disappoint.  The scenery was so pretty.  I am always amazed at how pretty the hill country is here in Texas.  A couple hours northwest and everything is so different!  As you can tell, I love taking scenery photos (the outdoors cooperate so much better than 2 1/2 year olds :).

We hiked up through Devils Waterhole on Sunday and again on Monday.   It was not a long hike or a hard hike, but it was just rocky enough that the girls thought it was AWESOME and Jadyn felt like she was truly rock climbing.

There is a small waterfall towards the top of the trail.  Just above it was a perfect swimming hole.  Well, if you consider brutally cold water perfect.  And, obviously my children do.

While swimming above the falls, Jadyn and Rylee watched about a half dozen people (adults and kids) climbing down the falls and "sliding" down part of the falls.  For someone as chicken of rollercoasters as Jadyn is, we have figured out it is not a fear of heights nor is she scared of risking her life.  She is going to be an adrenaline junky just not at Six Flags.  She begged and begged to go down the falls.  Thankfully, the girls have their daddy to be adventurous with.  I was having no part of it, but Rusty was all for it. 

This is the best picture I could get of them going down.  I volunteered to keep Colton in the calm, NOT rushing water above the falls.  I am being a tad bit dramatic Rusty would remind me if he were reading this :)

And here they are on the rocks down below.  Inks Lake was a fantastic time and we all cannot wait to go back.  4 days was simply not enough. 

And, just for fun.  My new favorite photo of Colton, taken this weekend.

I am particulary proud of the fact I did not add that lens flare with photoshop!  I set out to catch it naturally and I did!

Tidbits to remember:
  • Colton slept with us for the first time ever Friday and Saturday night.  He has never needed/wanted to be in our bed before.
  • Rusty saw his first shooting star (he hasn't asked me to document this, I am just choosing too)
  • Rylee says her favorite thing about camping is being able to go off without her parents.
  • We forgot our level at home, and you need it when popping up the camper.  Gotta love technically!  I downloaded a free level app on my iPhone and it worked like a charm!


  1. It looks really cool there. Love the picture of the scenery with the sunset. That's beautiful!! So great that the kids got to have so much fun on spring break!! Every time I see your camping pictures it brings back memories of us as a family growing up!!

  2. Oh man, I read this last year and it is just as awesome again a year later! I have to go there this summer :-)