Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gorgeous Senior Pictures

Its no secret I enjoy photography.  I enjoy my camera.  I love the editing process.  I just enjoy it all around. Anytime I am asked to do a session for someone, I am honored to have someone new to practice on.  I am still learning so much about posing, lighting, Photoshop, shooting and editing in RAW so I am almost always up for a new lesson :)  

When I was asked to do her pictures, I was nervous.  She wanted her senior pictures taken and a graduation announcement designed.  She didn't want the tradition ones you could purchase, she wanted trendy and modern.  I am not sharing those as they are still to be mailed out, but I am thrilled with the result!  And I learned so much.  Thanks Laura for the opportunity!  

These are a few of my favorite images!

I also learned that I LOVE taking pictures of big kids :)  Amazing how much better she obeys compared to my 4 year old.

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