Friday, November 22, 2013

How We Camp: Equipment

I am working on a post about our final camping trip of the summer.  yep its November.  and I still posting about summer.  slacker.

Before I get to it, I thought I would post about our favorite camping stuff.  Anytime someone hears we are camping in the summer they think we are crazy!  I thought it would be fun to share some different posts on things that have made camping easier for us.  First,  I have compiled a list of our favorite pieces.
  • EZ Up canopy.  Shade.  'Nuff said.  If you can have 2 (which we do) even better. We keep tables holding our food and supplies under one and we sit under another.  We have a canopy that has detachable sides.  PERFECT for hanging to block direct sun when your cooking/prepping meals.  Standing over a hot grill with 110 degree sun beating down on good.  You will hate camping and never want to do it again.
  • A great, high velocity fan. A great fan helps keep cool sitting outside as well as helping inside at night. We have one similar to this one that you can find here
  • Until 2 years ago, we tent camped.  Even in a tent, I want to be comfortable.  Enter large tent and air mattresses.  A large tent means you can put multiple air mattresses, a fan, and your bags in with you.  Convenience will always make you enjoy camping more.  Similar one here.  Let me also add that you should have a tarp under your tent as a prep for unexpected rain.  
  • We no longer are tent campers now though.  We're movin' on up...Similiar camper found here. We purchased ours used on Craigslist about 2 years ago for a great deal!  Now, camper shopping on Craigslist is a blog post of tips all by itself!  
  • This next item isn't a MUST have but it is a great convenience that we LOVE.  It's a table and grill set. Very convenient!  We eat like kings when we camp so a good grill IS a necessity for us!  This is the exact grill here  and table here.  Rusty loves that it doesn't sit on the table, getting the table dirty and greasy.
Sam's Club Table and Grill
  • For this next tip, we don't have an actual brand we are in love with, but we always have a few ice chests.  One ice chest for just drinks!  That will be the most opened chest and also the one if it isn't a certain temperature, you aren't going to get sick!  A second ice chest holds just food. It's opened the least amount therefore staying coldest.  Therefore no food poisoning :)  Always a plus.  Often we take a third ice chest just for extra ice.  This is especially beneficial if your camping for more than a weekend and will need to replenish your other ice chests often.
  • And for the occasional cold nights we just use a small space heater.
  • Oh and a recent discovery.  Camping with small kids?  A cheap-o small tent.  Portable playroom! Then they are confined if needed and no child is tracking dirt all day long in and out of the "main" sleeping quarters!
Maybe this will help anyone planning a trip in the future.  Maybe everyone knows these already.  

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  1. THANKS!!!!! We are camping at the Deer Lease in our camper Tuesday through Sunday for Thanksgiving!!!! I also booked our trip to Inks :-)