Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We Jumped

Disclaimer:  If you are a real cliff jumper, sky diver, hang glider, etc, ignore me in this post.  I am apparently a chicken so to me this was big.

I mentioned in the last post we jumped.  I felt that these pictures deserved their own post.

Inks Lake has this area called Devils Water Hole.  It is a set of rocks that crazy folks like to jump from. Since we have always visited Inks Lake during spring break, this is something we haven't experienced yet. It is entirely too cold for that in March.  My kids REQUIRED this during our August trip though.  The "normal" jumping rock is approximately 20ish feet high and the tallest being approx 40ish feet high.  EVERYONE from our party jumped on day 1.  Here is everyone in order.




Emma (Rusty is not throwing her, he is making sure she is far enough off the rocks to be safe!)






Two pictures are missing here.  One of Aaron jumping from the higher peak there on the left of the picture.  Approx 40 ish feet high.  From my understanding it was a fairly painful jump :)

The second missing picture would be me.  It took an additional 24 hours for me to muster up the courage to jump.  And, in all fairness, I am not even sure I ever really mustered up the courage.  I did not like the idea of being the only one, THE ONLY ONE, in our group to not jump so I forced myself.  Y'all words cannot describe how scared I was.  Petrified.  Terrified.  Anxious.  Panicked.  It was horrible.  I physically could not jump.  Petrified is probably a VERY accurate word.  I couldn't move.  My husband was waiting for me in the water, I was squeezing Aaron's hand way too tight.  I could not jump.  My legs would not work.  My brain simply could not understand why I was jumping from perfectly safe ground.  The best I could muster up was more of a tuck and fall off the rock :)  Very cool huh?  Um no.  Apparently I didn't look like I would make it to the water.  Looked a little to Rusty and Aaron like I could smash my terrified self on the rocks on my way down.  I did not however.  I survived.  With no one to take my picture.

In my attempt to look cool and keep up with the crowd I think actually made me look silly.  Oh well. Let this be a lesson.  Stand against peer pressure.  Or I should get new (more chicken like) friends?

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