Saturday, January 28, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 4

This weeks 52 week photo challenge photos are from today.  A simply beautiful, ordinary, wonderful Saturday.

Colton enjoyed the beautiful weather outside with his pirate ship. 

Our neighbor is graduating from high school this year and Jadyn decided to paint her a congratulations plague.

And, lastly, Rylee.  Rylee is recovering from a cold and fever.  She opted to enjoy her Saturday with her Loving Family Dollhouse, Little People Dollhouse and her brother's Imaginext Dragon Dungeon.  And, of course, her barbies.  Don't all little girls mix barbies and dragons???

Saturdays like today are so good for the soul!  Weekends like this (after crazy weeks like this) make the coming Monday so much harder.

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  1. Very cute pics of all 3 of them. I can't say enough that I love capturing these everyday moments for our kids!!