Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pinterest Playroom

Blah.  This is how I would describe our playroom.  With 7 years of just little girls, this room has always been feminine.  Now that both girls are in school all day, Colton is spending more and more time in here.  It was time to gender neutralize it!  I needed this room to not only be an attractive space for my daughters (9 & 7) and son (2 ½), but also be age appropriate for all 3.  This was not easy!
I forgot to take the picture before the dark purple sheers came down from the window and the VERY GIRLY art came down behind the bed, but here is the ugly and embarrassingly boring before:

Then I found this picture.  This became my starting point. 
Shortly after deciding on the alphabet wall (not yet knowing where all my letters would come from), I found these 3 fabrics from Hobby Lobby.  I also purchased a large US map and poster frame for the room.

Now began the task of tracking down all of my letters.  Some were easy- the O is a decorative life preserver, the T a cross made of horseshoes, and the I a metal traffic light (all 3 from HL).  My incredibly handy hubby cut me the A & Z out of scrap MDF we had out in our garage.  As for the rest, they were either unfinished wood from HL that I used acrylic paint on or I DIY’d them from other materials I had lying around (lots of scrapbook paper, old frames, metal wire, old wood artwork, vinyl etc).

The wall color is Silver Aluminum by Kwal and I adore the paint color so it stayed.  Although, if you don’t know this, I do have a paint addiction and am very willing to repaint anything and everything at anytime! 
I sewed new pillowcases and recovered existing throw pillows with my fabric. 

I then put the incredibly talented hubby back to the saw again for arched cornices.  Just for fun I have thrown in a pic of our redneck way of drawing the arch.

Funny thing is, I was convinced it was uneven.  I measured it (you know, to prove my point to Rusty) and what do you know- it was even!
Next up was covering the cornices.  NOT FUN!  I used spray adhesive for the batting.  That was easy.  Wrapping fabric around the arch, NOT SO EASY. 

Really happy with how it all turned out though! 

I plan to do something above the television with large pictures of each individual kiddo (either canvas or framed poster size prints).
Maybe next time I am bored I will pretty up this disaster (the closet)….

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  1. That is so awesome!!! You & Rusty both did a fabulous job!!! I can't wait to see the real thing when we are down this summer!!!!