Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Camping Trip of 2012

Towards the end of 2011, we achieved part of our "5 year plan."  We bought a pop up camper.  This camper has been part of our 5 year plan for 12 years!  Both Rusty and I grew up camping (him with a pop up camper, I with a tent) and knew this was something we wanted for our family.  We have tent camped with our kids and have enjoyed it, but we REALLY enjoy an A/C (which living in Houston comes in handy even in January!) and our own bathroom & shower.

This past weekend we took it out for the second time with our good friends the Hargraves and the Collins.  Friday afternoon we headed out to Lake Livingston State Park.  Rusty and I LOVE this place.  We have been going for years and hadn't been back in 2 years and couldn't wait.  Tons of fun memories made!

My little munchins waking up Saturday morning

I think anytime you take 6 adults, 8 kids (with 2 more on the way!) you are bound to spend it laughing!

We all took a walk down this boardwalk trail through the woods.  The sign posted read that it was a 1 mile loop.  When Jackson read this, he turned around and ran to us moms.  Looking at his mom (Amanda who is 7 1/2 months pregnant) he asked her (in a VERY excited voice) "Mom, can you believe it!  Your walking a mile!"  We died!

Another Jackson funny for the weekend....He and Jadyn are great friends and shared a chair quite a bit through out the weekend.  At one point after Jadyn caused their chair to tip over, he declared she was not a very good chair buddy.

These little remarks seemed much funnier in person.

And of course what is camping without smores?

The Hargrave girls love their smores!  This photo of Halle (on the left) was taken on a camping trip back in May 2011 and Arden's (right) was this weekend.  I thought this was really cute!

While I am in no hurry for our little ones to grow up, I am ready to no longer be so darn nervous with them near the fire.  I don't have a picture to represent it, but Dalton Collins is a little pyro! 

Colton photo bombing the Hargrave girls very cute picture. 

Camping is providing these kids such an opportunity to be kids.  Adults are always talking about when they were kids they could take off on their bikes and just had to be back in by dark.  Jadyn, Rylee, Halle & Jackson have their chance to experience this when we are camping!  Although their parents require more frequent check-ins than just sundown, they do get to take off on their bikes, ride the trails, and play at the park without their stuffy ole' parents around all the time. 

I love these people and look forward to our next camping trip- with 2 new babies in tow!

January 2012

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  1. Very cute. What a fun time. How many memories I had growing up with my family camping with our pop up camper. Now you made me get weepy. Look how boring this comment is without my exclamation points:(