Wednesday, January 4, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge

After considering starting a blog for the last couple of years, I have finally decided to just do it!  My friend Emily over at  wrote a very inspiring post about looking over the last year and realizing she had forgotten to take pictures of the everyday memory makers with her own kiddos.  Her challenge was a 52 week photo project of everyday moments.  I immediately was on board.  I went a step further and decided on writing the blog, too.   I want a way to remember, document & share everything that consumes the Burress home.  We are DIY lovers, Jesus followers, I am a die hard scrapbooker (who is always sending picture messages to her sister in law of my latest layout), Soccer/Volleyball mom, crafter, camper, reader & TV junkie.  This blog is going to provide a great place to capture and share all that is us! 
But we will start with the first photo of our 52 Week Photo Challenge!
What better way to stall at bedtime?  Well, everyone lock onto daddy's leg of course!


  1. What a cute picture!! I am so excited the 3 of us girls are doing this together!!!

  2. I love this! So looking forward to following your new blog!!!

  3. So much looking forward to this. I can honestly say I love blogging. I do Beth Moore's blog and absolutely love the opportunity to hear different ideas and things. Love, love serving with you @ MOPS and have total faith that this is gonna be way more than even you expected. Blessings!