Saturday, February 4, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 5

Noonie and Poppie are in town this weekend for Rylee's baptism on Sunday (more on that next week!).  Jadyn spent the night with her friend, Seerdyn, on Friday night to celebrate Seerdyn's birthday.  On Saturday my mom treated me to a mani/pedi and while there Jadyn and Seerdyn came in.  It was a neat moment watching Jadyn enjoying having her nails done with a friend.  In that moment she seemed so big, so grown up.

Poor quality iPhone pic
I found myself caught up in a moment imagining my girl as a teenager.  I am hopeful, excited and a bit nervous about those years! 

Colton was also introduced to computer games.  More specifically!  He has gotten pretty good at maneuvering the mouse, and his particular favorites are anything Curious George!

And a little collage just for fun!  Our nephews Kyle and Brett spent the night with us on Friday night.  Saturday morning I attempted pictures (for this photo challenge).  Rylee and Kyle refused due to some squabble ensuing with them and Brett just flat out didn't like the camera.  I did think Brett's objection of the camera was particularly cute, though.


  1. That's too crazy about Jadyn showing up to get her nails done, what a coincidence. Really cute picture Colton on the computer How big. Those pictures of Brett are down right hysterical!!!

  2. J is growing up so fast! I need to put Dalton on the computer and let him check out PBS kids I just need to find a mouse to hook up to my laptop.