Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Camera Bag

I said I wanted to share my craft/diy projects here.  I realized during this project that I was also going to have to share what a FLOP they could turn out to be.  This was almost one.
Rose - Black
 Having seen these camera bags that look like purses I knew that I wanted one!  Rusty and I share an illness that requires us to try to DIY anything before we buy it.  Well, at $89 I wasn't really in the market to buy this bag anyway.  Like all things just search Pinterest for it!  I found this tutorial over at

camera bag update
vanillaandlace bag
I am not going into how to make it (just see her tutorial).  No, instead I am going to tell you the couple of things I did wrong.

First off, I didn't read the instructions.  I have a bad habit of having too much confidence in my abilities.  Particulary, those abilities that require a sewing machine. 

Second, and this wasn't my choice.  The tutorial calls for foam padding to be between 1/2'' - 3/4'' thick.  All I could find in Hobby Lobby was 1" thick foam.  I had to use a sharp knife to slice through it so that my sides would not be too thick.  Not easy my friends.

Third, I bought fabric without deciding which purse I was going to use.  Great fabric.  Only problem is I ended up deciding to go with a brown purse that I had that was a perfect size.  Brown and black wouldn't have been my first choice, but the color combo is very trendy right now.  This turned out to be a happy accident.

The turqouise is an accent color for another camera project
Fourth, I did not read instructions.  Yes, I said that already.  But it needed to be repeated.  I got to measuring, cutting, and sewing.  Got all 4 sides almost attached for the base.  Then read instructions and realized that I did not need 4 sides just 2 long ones.  I was thankful for this mistake because one of my sides was too long anyway. And, it didn't fit into the purse either.  Oh boy.  Easy enough fix.  Just remove the 2 small ends that were unneccessary. 

All in all, after all mistakes were corrected, it turned out great!

Lots of room for my camera and lenses.  And plenty of room for the new lens that I want....hint, hint, hubby ;)

You can see a little bit of the camera strap I made to coordinate with the bag.  Very happy with it all!  I am making a promise to myself to save time and fabric in the future by reading instructions though.

I am sharing over at Kristens Creations


  1. Look at you that you have down you can get started on my camera strap ;)

  2. That is really cute. You can work on Amanda's camera strap but then get to work on my strap & BAG!!!!