Thursday, February 23, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 7

I am a week late with this weeks photo challenge.  Boo!

For not so fun reasons, we got to spend last week with Aunt Staci.  The reason she was here wasn't a pleasant reason, but we did have a great time with her!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed one on one time with Aunt Staci (cousins Jacob & Kaleb weren't able to be here)!

We spent 2 days shopping at the mall.  One of those days Uncle Aaron, Aunt Wendi & Brett joined us.

Brett in the mall playplace
Something I have never done is actually take my camera to the mall.  This week I am capturing fun pictures that I normally would never actually have taken without this challenge.

Colton enjoying his Chickfila sweet tea

Brett enjoying his chickfila chicken nuggets
One of the most fun things about this particular mall is inside the food court, right next to the tables, are several coin operate ride on toys. 

Colton LOVES these things, and I don't EVER even give him money to use with the ride ons.  He just likes to take turns sitting on them.  And, since I always chose a table near these ride ons, I get extra time with my friends (sister in laws).  A win/win I think.

And, of course, a few minutes must be spent in the actual playplace! 

We had SO MUCH FUN with Aunt Staci here!  I am sad, though, that somehow I have missed taking a single picture of the kids with her.  Aunt Staci, thank you for coming here to help us out this past week!  We love you and can't wait till this summer!

Oh, and just for fun.  A photo of Jadyn and Rylee.  They were working on homework when I asked for a quick picture of them together.  Jadyn was in a great mood.  Rylee....yeah, not so much. 

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  1. What a great picture of Brett, how did you do that?!? Colton looks like he's asleep on the motorcycle, too cute. I had a great time also getting the one on one time with the kids. It was fun, thanks for hanging with me in that stressful week & a half. How did that happen that I didn't get a picture with Colton though?!?