Thursday, February 9, 2012

Even Sick You Can't Avoid Mom's Camera

Rylee missed more school within 2 weeks this month than she has missed altogether in the past 3 years of school.  After 2 trips to the dr's office, being sent home from school early 3 times over 2 weeks and missing 4 full days (not in a row), she was diagnosed with bronchitis.  It was a very long, boring, homebound 2 weeks. 

Lots of movies, books, computer games and MEDICINE!  Hands down the worst part of being sick for Rylee is the taking of medicine.  Other than berry flavored Ibuprofen she does not take medicine well.  In fact, when she was 3 I was trying to force her to take Children's tylenol and she SPIT IT ALL back at me, I lifted her up and stomped off to the kitchen.  I then tripped in the kitchen.  A fall that resulted in a small crack in my left knee cap.  I have yet to let her forget it.

Parents are always saying that they hate when their kids are sick.  I have a confession....I kinda like it.  They are calm, well behaved, and it is apparently the only time I can get Rylee to model for me.

Yep, I made my sick child model for me.  I am so mean.  I did pay her.  Does that make it ok?

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  1. Ha ha. That's cute. Rylee, you are a funny girl!!!