Sunday, February 26, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 8

We have had a crazy, batty couple of weeks recently, and we worked hard to get back to somewhat normal this week.  "Normal" for my girls means sleepovers.  I have those girls who think they need a friend over 100% of the time.  I always want our house to be THE house, so as often as possible when they want friends over, I try to lead with my yes.

Daddy wasn't going to be home till late this past Friday night, so I decided to drive myself even battier by letting both girls invite a friend over.

Jadyn and her buddy Skyla.  Jadyn has never been one for playing with toys.  She prefers talking!!!

Rylee on the other hand is a doll lover, and lately is showing a lot of interest in barbies.  Her friend Ally here is obsessed with barbies so Rylee LOVES getting to hang out with her!

My heart adores the fact that Rylee is very much 7 years old.  She is certainly not one of those kiddos I would say is growing up to fast.  Ok I actually don't always adore this fact.  She also thinks I should still dress her.  That I do not adore.

Sweet girls and sweet memories!

Turns out I am not the only DIY decorator in the house!  My girls have jumped on board with this duct tape trend.  The barbie car didn't stand a chance!

Colton isn't old enough for sleepovers, but he does enjoy the park with his friends!

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  1. Very fun to mark memories of their besties!! So cute how different they are!! I was introduced to the duct tape while I was down. Colton is very cute!!