Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Burress' Setting Some Big Goals Here....

Rusty and I are setting a big, fat, audacious, God sized goal.  The kind of goal that makes my stomach tie up just thinking about it.  Typing it out where real people can actually read it (and hold me to it)....well it makes me almost sick.

We are planning to run the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November.  Now, all you runners that might be reading this, to us this is BIG!  We are not, or should I say, we were not runners.

A little about the road that led us here....about a year ago I decided enough was enough.  I was beginning to notice myself gaining weight and being 5 foot tall, it shows fast.  I knew I wasn't getting any younger and it would never get easier to get into shape.  Now was the time.  I have never been an athlete and never been one to work out.  It was all going to be new to me.  I have even spent the past year praying A LOT for God to change  how I feel about exercise.  Fast forward a year later, I am still in the gym 3-4 days a week in group exercise classes, Ripped and Pump & Jump being my favorites.  I am beside myself that I have stuck with it this long, seeing the results I had hoped for!  I started playing around the idea in my head about setting a goal to run a 5K when my friend Bobbie said something to me about running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon (although she may actually be running the full marathon not just the half.  I can't remember).  Having friends doing it, we decided to jump on board!  Here we are now, at week #4 on the Couch to Half Marathon Training.

I am scared and excited all at the same time.  I am so excited to have my best friend (and husband) doing this beside me.  Having someone to run with each run makes this so much easier.  Truthfully, I am finding myself enjoying it.  Something about getting out to run is easier than making myself go to my classes at the gym.  When I first started running just one mile, I laugh because my heart rate monitor couldn't even read my heart rate.  I joke it was telling me I should die.  1 mile and I thought I would die.  Sad.  This week we will hit our first 3 mile run (still some walking though) and I actually believe it won't kill me!  I do wish we would have taken up running in the fall not at the beginning of SUMMER IN HOUSTON!

I plan to blog as we go in this training and this journey!  Stay tuned!

Update:  The above was written before our 2 mile run tonight.  Correction- I hate running :)


  1. Hahahaha you will be my inspiration :-)

  2. Love it...so excited that your are taking on this challenge.

    1. Girl, I almost edited this to say "and Amanda is running too!" I didn't want to throw you under the bus until your were ready to be thrown :)

  3. How very exciting. Wish I had enough nerve to do something like that!! Good luck you guys.