Friday, August 30, 2013

6 Kids, 2 Dogs & a Cat

For nearly a month this summer we had the privilege of my nieces Kenzie (7 yrs old), Addy (2 1/2 yrs old) and my nephew Ayden (4 yrs old) staying with us.

Photo courtesy of Jadyn's Photography :)
Due to the chaotic nature of the month I do not have near as many pictures as I would like.  I will recap our adventures though.
  • Swimming at the Collins/Mosley pool multiple times.  All 3 Scanlon kids are nonswimmers.  10 kids, 5 non swimmers. Chaotic fun.
  • Fireworks and concert.  Chaotic fun.

  • Zoo trip with the Kaisers, Burress', and Scanlons.  2 adults, 8 kids.  Chaotic fun.

  • Bowling with the Kaisers, Collins, Burress', Scanlons.  3 adults, 10 kids.  Chaotic fun.
  • Camping Trip to the Collins/Mosley residence on Lake Livingston. 10 kids, 1 lake.  41 splinters.  19 stitches.  Boating, tubing, fishing, swimming.  Ice cream.  Campfire and s'mores. Fireworks over the water. Chaotic fun.  (more on this trip later).

  • Dinner out.  Chaotic fun.
Mornings were early, naptimes were short, dinners were wild, and bedtimes hard, but I know beyond a doubt cousin relationships were strengthened.  And this aunts heart was happy.  and tired.


  1. That's crazy!!! Y'all sure did lots of fun things though! They will all have fun summer stories to tell!! Jadyn, nice pics of your cousins!!

  2. Awhhhhhhhh I'm so glad they have you guys :-) I bet yall had a BLAST all summer!!!!