Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Bye Elementary School!

Playing catch up on the blog stinks.  If I am not careful I will miss documenting some big stuff!  Like this.


We have ourselves a junior higher.

These girls, Leila, Lauren and Chloe are my girls best friends.  She has been with Lauren since kinder and that is the only one she will continue on to junior high with.  We are grateful she atleast has her!

Jadyn and Brooke have known each other since first grade and played soccer together too for awhile!  

Chloe and Issie- J will go on to junior high with Issie.

We are super proud of our girl.  She did fantastic in elementary and we expect nothing less in junior high!  She is outgoing, kind, considerate, confident, and eager- a recipe for success I'm sure!  I know we should be more nervous about this next big stage, but honestly I am excited for more BIG KID activities!

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  1. I actually got teary eyed when I saw this post. I remember going into Junior High and being split up with some of my besties!! I still can't believe how tall Jadyn is getting!! Jadyn, you are a beautiful girl and never forget how much you are loved!!!!