Friday, August 16, 2013

He is 4!

Well to be fair he has been four for four months....

Better late than never, right?

We celebrated our favorite superhero lovin' little boy with a backyard superhero party!

You picked out your friends this year and here they are:
  1. Brett & Kyle 
  2. Dalton, ( with Jackson, Emma and Kinley)
  3. Eden (with Addison)
  4. Ryan (with Rachael)
  5. Arden (with Halle and Jack)
  6. Brennan (with Brody)

For the sake of being completely honest here, 3 wasn't our favorite age ever with this kid.  We flew through 2's without incident.  3 was a little whinier than I would have cared for.  That aside, this kid is still the funniest, most creative, most entertaining boy I can imagine.

You love Batman and Spiderman and at any given moment will be dressed as such.  Still love watching Team Omizoomi, Bubble Guppies, and forcing s us into watching Despicable Me, Lion King and Cars OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Great sleeper at night and only nap about 50% of the time but will play in your room for atleast an hour a day for some "quiet time".  Still needs a pull up at night but I am ok with it.  Your favorite food is dry cereal. You will not eat your cereal with milk in it.  You prefer it dry with a side of a glass of milk.  Goofy child.  Chocolate papers (peanut butter cups) are hands down your favorite candy and you are mastering swimming.  Colton you are one of our very favorite people ever!


  1. Why does he look so BIG here?! Seriously he needs to stop.

  2. I agree with Amanda!! Colton...stop growing!! Very cute birthday pictures!!