Monday, August 19, 2013

She is 9!

Well she has been 9 for almost four months now.  Noticing a pattern?...

Our celebration was very low key as she decided she wanted a Kindle Fire instead of a party.  As much as I love throwing a party, I was grateful for the break this year.  And in all fairness, once I figure in all the decorations, invitations, party favors, food, etc this is only a bit more expensive and longer term use!


Rylee Ann, your still very much our spirited, wild, passionate child.  You are not easy swayed.  Such a strong, admirable quality and yet such an exhausting and frustrating quality.  You are showing such a tender side with little ones, including but not limited to, your little brother.  You continue to love volleyball though you are stretching yourself and trying softball this fall.  You love your American Girl and Lego Friends and still regularly are found playing with your Loving Family Dollhouse.  Your best friends are Lexi L. and Brayden and are a die hard country music fan.  Not sure where you could have gotten that from ;).

We love you my child.

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  1. How did 9 happen? So stinkin' big!! Love the pic of her!!