Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mustang Island

At this point, if you know us at all, is it any surprise that we would kickoff the first day of summer vacation with our camper?

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This seriously has become our motto.

This time we loaded up and headed off to Mustang Island State Park for a few days with our camping buddies The Collins.  Photo overload ahead.

After our Destin camping trip last year, we have learned a few beach camping tips that we strongly took into consideration.
  1. Kids want to just be at the beach.  That is it.  Kids are rarely cranky if they are in the water. This beach trip, we only went out for the basics once (Sam's Club to restock ice) and dinner/souvenior shopping once.  Beyond this you could find us near the water.
  2. Breakfast time seems hotter than dinner time (to us). We did not plan to make large breakfast meals every morning.  We tend to eat like kings when we camp so this is definitely a new modification for us.
  3. It will rain.  Almost everyday.  Just expect it and plan for it.  No need to be annoyed, frustrated, surprised, etc.  It will rain.  Just expect it.
These couple of tips helped make this beach trip amazing.  One I think we would all be willing to do again!

Kids had a blast boogie boarding, Kinley loved the sand.  One day we even had our own little private piece of paradise on the bay side where they fisherman fished, kids collected shells, Amanda caught crabs, and I sunned.  Oh and a dead shark entertained us all for hours. 


Arrow marks the rash Rylee sustained from her boogie board.
"If I were a bad guy, I would so steal this baby." -Rylee

We had a little bit of dorky fun with my camera.  Enter The Amazing Levitating Babies.  Children don't try this at home.  No babies were harmed in the making of these photos.

Attempted to teach Amanda to levitate too.  She didn't.
Even the rain storm was entertaining for us.  By us I mean Amanda and I.  Not Aaron and Rusty. They lived though :)


Another fantastic camping trip down.  

Someone teach me how to slow all the fun down?


  1. Great pictures, great memories!! I love all of the pics. I could say something about every one of them!! Fun, fun, fun!!

  2. I want so badly to start creating these kinds of memories!!!