Wednesday, June 13, 2012

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 23

The Aden's are in for their annual Texas trip and we LOVE to torture ourselves by forcing these kids to take a picture together every year.  The oldest 4 have mastered cooperating, well, for the most part.  An outtake on my oldest to come :)  But, the 3 3 year olds have not.  Wow.  Three 3 year olds expected to smile at the same time...enough said.

We managed a little something we are pleased with.  A little thanks goes to photoshop for this though :)  

Lots more blogging to come from the Aden visit.  Still have several days left of their visit, and we are up to approx 510 pictures (between me and both sister in laws)!

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  1. We are crazy, aren't we!!!! These are cherished memories though!!!