Friday, June 22, 2012

Behave, Be & Have

Possibly one of my favorite Pinterest's inspired projects to date.  While camping over Memorial weekend, Amanda and I tackled a few projects.  They are done now!

Here is the inspiration:

Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

I have wanted to do some type of family rule board for a little while.  This particular one caught my eye because it has the same colors that we decorated our family room in.

We, by we I mean Rusty, cut a piece of plywood.  He has allowed me to do a lot as far as my little DIY projects go, but power tools are not one those things.  We appreciate me having 2 hands and all 10 fingers.

I planned on using my cricut to cut vinyl for a stencil for the words.  Enter dear ole' Amanda and her save a $1 plans.  She suggests we use cardstock since we both had more than enough on hand and it is so cheap.  Cardstock was a FLOP!  I had to start all over because the paint bled under the paper so badly.  Her idea did lead me to think outside the vinyl box.  I tried some old clear contact paper I had on hand, and it worked great!  

Not only is it a favorite craft project, it also has proven to be the most time consuming.  Worth it though!  

We are loving how it looks in our family room in our ever growing fun photo wall!  

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