Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traumatic Vacation Moments

I am still working on the pictures from our Lake Conroe trip with the Aden's.  These pictures from the lake trip deserved their own post.  Colton make need therapy after this trip.

We will start with traumatic incident #1.  Here is the serene, peaceful scene just before the event.

Any chance you can guess where this is going.  Do you notice something?  Why, yes, my son is the only child fishing at the waters edge without a life jacket.  A quick explanation as to why would be the fact he is the only one with a parent right there with him.  A longer explanation would require me to explain Rusty's personality and that he likes to walk on the edge (no pun intended here), thinks he (and his children) rarely need extra safety measures if he is nearby, and honestly, he thinks nothing is going to go wrong.  I love my daring man :)  His reckless nature and all.

My kid fell in.  I do not have an after picture because I panicked a little and didn't think to snap a picture.  Laying in a chair, enjoying the sun, and I hear Rylee yell out he fell in.  Now a little disclaimer here-  Colton can swim a little bit.  We have confidence if he falls in the water, he would be able to atleast surface himself and would be able to stay above water for a minute or two.  I hear Rylee, jump up to see what is going on, and I see Rusty taking his sweet time "saving" our boy.  I run to the water, hearing Colton crying at this point, look over and realize that Colton is STANDING in the water.  Yeah, apparently it wasn't very deep.  Scared him none the less.  

Not to scared to continue fishing with Daddy without a lifejacket though.

Traumatic incident #2.

Colton wanted to tube.  We think our kids love and comfort with the water (in spite of my uncomfort with the water) is so fun so of course I said, "Come on, let's do it!"

Wrong type of tube for a 3 year old.  He really isn't this tall above the top of the tube, I am holding him up for a picture.  

This is the very beginning of the ride.  Moments later he slips down into the tube, slips down and gets stuck between the bottom and the inflated ring itself.  I was freaking out, worried that he would be stuck face down in the water there at the bottom, so I sunk down to at least hold him flipped face up.  I end up stuck down at the bottom unable to give a stop signal.  I was truly worried about my son's life for a few minutes.  I prayed we would just flip out.  Finally, once we disappeared out of sight at the top of the tube, they stopped and pulled us in.  This incident may have been more traumatic for me than him.

It will be interesting to see if he is willing to tube again next year.  


  1. Those were very scary moments. The tubing one especially. I just remember thinking, something's not right. Glad you guys are both safe after that!!

  2. Awhh I'm sorry to hear about the moments but the standing in the water one did make me laugh ;-) <3 you