Thursday, June 28, 2012

Aden's To Texas Part 1

Every year, Aunt Staci, Kaleb, and Jacob (occasionally Uncle Mark) vacation here in Texas with us.  I know what your thinking because everyone asks....why would people from COLORADO come to TEXAS for the summer.  That's what happens when you move away from family.  "Going home" robs you off vacation options.  And, well, lets be honest.  Texas has me.  And I have 2 cats.  We all know how much Staci loves cats.

We kicked off her trip here with the annual Burress kids with Nana picture.

Asking 7 kids to all smile at the camera at the same'd think we were torturing them.  It is absolutely absurd to say the least.  They take turns tormenting us with tongues out, frowns, tears, and what ever else they can pull out of their bags of tricks.

And, then as a reward for the "good behavior" we enjoyed a little more free summer bowling.

Kaleb and Jacob 

Jacob watching his ball

This was all just the beginning of our 2 week Aden Adventure.  Approx 1,000 pictures between 3 cameras to sort through and then I will have lots more to share!

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  1. We are glutton for punishment!!! It was all fun though!!! Thanks for always letting us crash at your house & mess up all your routines & such!!!