Friday, June 22, 2012

I've Got Sunshine....

I mentioned back during our Memorial Day trip to the lake, that Amanda and I began some pinterest inspired DIY projects.  Here are the final two projects!

Using the same old fence panels Rusty and I used to build a small kids computer desk and a console table for behind our sectional, we built a wood sign for Amanda.  Free wood, a little stain she already had, a cricut cut contact paper stencil, and acrylic paint....a huge piece of FREE art.

Here is the pinterest inspiration:

Here is our completed version:

I would have much preferred a picture of her sign hung up, but she moves slow :)  She has it hung, just hasn't emailed me the photo yet.

The next project was another reclaimed wood sign that I pinned on pinterest.  I thought this was an adorable idea that would look GREAT in our alphabet wall playroom.  Here are the inspiration pictures:

Using the same contact paper stencil method from the Behave art, I stenciled this:

The green I choose didn't pop as much as it should have, but oh well.  Still lovin' it!

It has been so fun working on these.  I can't wait to find my next craft inspiration.  I guess off to pinterest I go....


  1. I love this!!! You are a crafty one, aren't ya!?!?!? Awesomeness!

  2. I really like that!! I like Amanda's sign too!!