Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day

Before I brag on what a great, long weekend we had, I must say how incredibly grateful I am for all the men and women who have fought for our freedom.  I have thanked God so many times for the blessing of being born an American.  Those who have given themselves to protect our rights are my heroes.  Thank you for your sacrifice!

We ushered in summer the best way we knew how.  On the water.  The Collins' family invited us out to her parents house on Lake Livingston.  We arrived late Friday night and set up the camper (lots of family and family friends were joining us for the weekend so we came with our own room :).  Saturday morning the kids woke up and put their swimsuits on and with the exception of pajama's, they were in swimsuits until 4 o'clock Monday afternoon!  Now that is how you ring in summer!!!

Rusty helped rebuild their pier while us girl's worked on our tans and did a little DIYing ourselves.  I figured if Rusty was going to have his saw out then I might as well tackle a few Pinterest projects Amanda and I have been pinning.  More on those later though :)

I have no doubt incredible memories were made by my children this weekend.  To name a few:

1.  John (Amanda's dad) allows the kids to take a john boat with a trolling motor out in the cove and "drive"   themselves around.   Jadyn thought this was amazing.

 2.  Colton became comfortable with swimming around the lake (with his life jacket on) without an adult   holding on to him.  He truly thought he was one of the big kids.  He even braved the neighbors waterslide!
  • Side note:  We are working hard on his girly fear/annoyance of bugs.  He hates flies and bugs swimming in the water.  Dude, your a camper.  Better get used to it quick.
3.  Multiple trips out on the "real" boat including a ride on the tube.  Uncle Kyle was unable to throw them off although he tried.  Jadyn may remember the tube boat ride a bit different than the rest.  A cement bucket fell over onto her toes.  Ouch.
  • Side note: Trips to the lake with multiple adult couples allows for a lot of other people to watch your kids :)  Us "big kids" got a boat ride without kids and the kids had boat rides with the other adults.  VERY NICE BREAK!

4.  Seeing Saturn, Mars, the moon, and a double star (I think?) through a very high end telescope courtesy of Roger, friend of John's.  Jadyn LOVES science and facts so this may be a highlight for her entire life.  She loved this.  I must say, Saturn was AMAZING!  Looks exactly like we are taught but seeing it was incredible.  And, surprise, Mars is actually red :)  Again, I know we are taught this but seeing it seems so different than what you imagine.

5.  Kids played hide and go seek in the dark.  Very important childhood moment, I think.

6.  Colton fishing with Daddy.  Short attention span but he still had fun.  I'm sure we can all guess who the short attention span belong to.  Maybe next time Rusty will hold out longer.  Ha, ha.  Bad joke over.  Yes, it was the 3 year old :)

7.  A waterslide into the lake at the neighbors house.  FUN!  Even Colton got in a little on this action.

8. Crafting with Amanda's little sister Sandra.  The kids took scraps of wood, and had a grand ole' time painting and decorating them.

We big kids had a great time, too.  With the kids taken care of, we got to take a sunset boat ride, craft, and  hang out fireside.

Incredibly fun weekend.  Bring on SUMMER and many more weekends like these!

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  1. What an incredible way to start summer. So fun that y'all had so much fun.