Monday, August 27, 2012

Final Elementary Days

Our first born walked on to the bus this morning as a 5th grader.  I type this in excitement.  And in fear.  I very clearly remember 5th grade.  Boys became cute this year.  A love for reading and writing solidified itself this year.  Bra's began to be wore this year (or wished they could be worn for some of us :).  Friends slowly became cooler than my family this year.  Excitement for wanting to be a teenager showed up this year.  Social studies fascinated me this year.  Math began to bore me this year.  Junior highers seemed so big and cool this year and so close...

I recognize that I was a year older than Jadyn at this point in elementary (due to my birthday), but I still anticipate lots of "growing up" and lots changes to come this year.  I expect we will begin to see more of a young lady than a little girl as junior high waits just around the bend.  I pray I can slow her down just a tad, enjoy this a little longer.   

Kindergarten August 2007

First Grade August 2008

Second Grade August 2009

Third Grade August 2010

Fourth Grade August 2011

Fifth Grade August 2012


  1. they grow up so fast.
    sniff....sniff.... tear.... sigh....

  2. So fun to see her through the years on her first day of school. I really can't believe this is her last year in elementary. She is growing up way too fast!!!