Monday, August 27, 2012

I Run Because...

I run because....

I have seen those pins (or posters) on Pinterest 1,253 times.  After today, I have my own.

I run because I never thought I could.

I am not trying to be cliche here at all.  This is very true for me right now.  Jadyn participated in a Read, Deed, Run program at school this past year (and will again this year) and several times I had to run a mile with her.  I walked during my 1 mile run a year ago y'all.  I thought I would die if I didn't.  Almost a year later I ran 6 MILES WITH NO WALKING!

Words cannot describe the nervousness I had going into this race.  My latest runs were so the 13 min (some even in 14 min) range.  I had fears of being the last one to cross.  There is nothing wrong with being the last one to cross, YOU STILL CROSSED.  But honestly people no one wants to be dead last.  No one.

I had one of my best runs yet!  I did not expect to shave so much off my time.  Making it all better, my closest dearest friend Amanda sent me several voice pep talks through the run tracker I use on my phone.  It was AWESOME having her tell me I just beat me latest time.  Thank you so much for the encouragement!!!

And for the sake of being transparent and honest  on this 'ole blog.  Here are my battle scars:

I have been told that these bloody socks announce my arrival as a runner.  Nastly PAINFUL blisters on my pinky toes. This is with bandaids as a preventive measure.  Considering running socks or amputation before the November run.  Will blog about the decision when made.

Thank you Bobbie  and Rusty for pushing me and motivating me on this new running journey!  I had a blast today and (I think) I cannot wait to do it again!

Yeah, I realize this sounded kinda like an Academy Award speech.  Just wait until I finish the November half marathon.  Working on the acceptance speech now.


  1. Show off ;)
    No really, I'm so happy for you that you've achieved your first goal. And then after the 1/2 we'll train for the Austin full marathon in February. wait... what?!

  2. That's so awesome!! What an incredible goal to set and achieve!!