Monday, August 20, 2012


Seriously this kid is good.

Very quickly after transitioning to a big boy bed, this guy started popping off the child safety knob covers.  We weren't having that.  It freaks me out the thought that he might roam the house when everyone else is asleep.

Sleep walking.  Sleep eating.  Watching late night infommercials.  Falling down the stairs.  Mommy waking up because she feels someone staring down at her at 3am.  Bad things can happen to kids who roam in the middle of the night.

To prevent any of the above late night offenses I lock the 3 year old up.  Do not call the police.  It isn't child abuse I promise.  We let him loose first thing in the morning.  I promise people.

After the childproof knob cover failed us, we turned a lock around.  (lock itself faces the hallway)  Well, Houdini wouldn't have that either.

Without having ever EVER ever seeing anyone unlock his door from the inside, he quickly found keys to release himself with.

Mister Potatohead's mustache and Batman and Robin's helicopter blade.  Lego Duplo Woody's hat.  All "keys" for the door.

Praying Houdini is the appropriate future name.  And not Lock Picking Jail Bird.


  1. Love it!!! That is too funny!! I love that he has found all the toys that will unlock himself. Girl, you have the wrong locks though. You have to get the ones that only a little tiny key can fit in like the ones we have at our house. Very cute Colton!!

  2. This made me really laugh (after getting a little choked up reading your Jadyn post!!!) He is stinkin hilarious!!! I love your blog!!